Jessica Alba Resurfaces Out Of Nowhere At Knicks Playoff Game, Sets Internet On Fire

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Jessica Alba dropped down from the clouds to enjoy the Knicks/Heat game Tuesday night, and she captivated the attention of Twitter.

There was a time when Alba was the big “It girl” in Hollywood. She had prominent roles in two “Fantastic Four” films, “Into the Blue,” “Machete” and “Sin City.”

However, all those roles were over a decade ago, and she seemingly has taken a huge step back from the spotlight. Well, she showed up Tuesday night to watch the Knicks beat the Heat, and everyone seemed to notice.

Twitter reacts to Jessica Alba resurfacing.

As of Wednesday morning, Alba is still one of the top trending topics in the country. That’s what happens when a legend reminds you she’s still capable of throwing heat.

As someone noted above, Jessica Alba legit doesn’t look like she’s aged a day since she garnered real fame two decades ago.

She’s 42! Who honestly would have guessed that? Put your hands down. You’re all lying. None of you had any idea.

Jessica Alba set the internet on fire after appearing at the Heat/Knicks game. She immediately started trending on Twitter. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for RH)

Jessica Alba might not be scoring huge roles anymore, but she’s clearly still capable of captivating the internet’s attention. That’s a skill that’s borderline impossible to lose.

While we’re here, let’s also take a second to re-watch Jessica Alba crushing it in “Entourage.” Role of a lifetime? It can’t be ruled out.

Stay frosty, Jessica. Stay frosty out there on these internet streets!

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