Jeremy Renner Breaks Down Near Fatal Accident, Shouted ‘Not Today, Motherf*cker’ Moments Before Impact

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Jeremy Renner opened up about nearly dying in a near fatal plowing accident, and revealed he dropped an epic line moments before he was hit.

Renner nearly died in a plowing accident while trying to protect his nephew near his Nevada home at the start of 2023.

He revealed during an interview with Diane Sawyer the accident happened because he stepped out to check on his nephew once the plow started slipping while towing a truck, according to Variety. Renner didn’t set the parking brake.

“The Town” star slipped and fell under the plow and was crushed. The tweet below from the New York Post shows an illustration of how it happened.

Jeremy Renner details harrowing accident.

“I just happened to be the dummy standing on the dang track a little bit, seeing if my nephew was there. You shouldn’t be outside the vehicle when you’re operating it, you know what I mean? It’s like driving a car with one foot out of the car, but it is what it was. And it’s my mistake, and I paid for it,” the famous Marvel star told Diane Sawyer.

“That’s when I screamed, by the way, when I went under the thing. ‘Not today, motherf*cker!’ is what I screamed,” the Hollywood star further explained.

Jeremy Renner details surviving plowing accident. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Renner’s neighbor Rich Kovach rushed to his aid and was stunned by the level of drama he saw in front of him.

“It was the blood. The amount of blood, and he was just in such pain – the sounds that were coming out of him. There was so much blood in the snow, and when I looked at his head, it appeared to me to be cracked wide open. I don’t know if that was his skull. Maybe, it was just my imagination, but that’s what I thought I saw,” Kovach explained to Diane Sawyer.

Renner is bouncing back in impressive fashion.

The talented actor has remained in high spirits and is recovering well, despite suffering serious trauma and breaking more than 30 bones.

As you can tell from his interview with Diane Sawyer, he’s not sitting around feeling bad for himself. He’s choosing to remain optimistic and do the best he can to bounce back.

The accident was a little more than three months ago, and he already has made incredible progress. Renner clearly isn’t going to let the tragedy hold him back.

“I chose to survive. It’s not going to kill me. No way … I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experiment, but I’ve been refueled and refilled with love and titanium,” he previously explained in a clip from the interview.

That’s a great attitude to have.

Jeremy Renner continues to bounce back after terrible plowing accident. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Disney)

Jeremy Renner still has a long road ahead of him, but so far, he’s made incredible progress. Let’s hope it continues and he’s back on our screens in due time.

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