Jeopardy Winner Dubbed ‘Hottest Contestant Ever’ Now Getting OnlyFans Requests

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One of Jeopardy’s most recent champions, Anji Nyquist, has unofficially been dubbed the hottest contestant ever, but that comes with a price. Turns out, when you get that kind of label slapped on you, the weirdo guys are gonna start hopping in your DMs begging you to start an OnlyFans.

That’s how you shoot your shot in 2023, you know.

Anyway, that’s exactly what’s been happening to Anji here, who won the July 5 episode and has been thrust onto the scene ever since.

“I did an ‘ask me anything,’ and there were a lot of people who asked, ‘Would you do an OnlyFans? It would be really popular,'” she told The Sun. “I mean, that’s not my style, but it was flattering. You’re gonna get some nice people, and you’re gonna get some creeps. I have been getting DMs from random men.

“Most of it’s just nice, ‘you’re so beautiful, you’re the hottest contestant ever’ — which is so dumb.”

Jeopardy winner Anji Nyquist has fans wanting more.

Jeopardy winner Anji Nyquist thrust into spotlight

Comes with the territory, Anji. Sorry, but you can’t go on Jeopardy and not expect the horny guys to come calling when you do an Instagram Q&A. That’s social media 101, which, frankly, surprises me because Nyquist here is a social media coordinator from Minnesota.

Anyway, it was a dramatic win from Anji, too. She went from third to first during a Final Jeopardy question that she knocked out of the park.

The clue read: “Nicknamed ‘the kingdom in the sky,’ this landlocked nation is the only country in the world to lie entirely above 4,000 feet.”

Our girl Anji blurted out “Lesotho,” which earned her $8800 and the title of hottest Jeopardy winner ever.

Anji also scored bonus points with the horny guys out there by telling Ken Jennings on the next episode that her cat is named Naz Reid after the current Minnesota Timberwolves player. True story.

“The whole Naz Reid thing blew up,” she said. “That’s been the most fun part of this.”

Written by Zach Dean

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