Jennifer Lopez Stuffs Herself Into A Bikini And Hangs With Knockoff Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez sent out an Instagram heater late Friday, sharing with her 251 million followers a little behind-the-scenes action from this summer.

JLo shared plenty of juicy pics that featured her 54-year-old body stuffed into a bathing suit — she’s still got it, by the way — but those weren’t the ones that had the internet buzzing.

Nope. As you’re swiping right, hit the brakes at picture No. 5:

Jennifer Lopez still has ‘it’ at 54 with discount Alex Rodriguez

If you do it fast enough — bam, Alex Rodriguez. That’s a tiny, less-ripped A-Rod. Probably less annoying, too.

Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez obviously have a storied past, which ended on a sour note when they broke off their engagement a few years back. Sad.

Lopez has since married someone named Ben Affleck, while Alex Rodriguez continues to go through fitness models like I go through Copenhagen.

All’s well that ends well, and we all moved on — until this A-Rod doppelganger got the internet talking last night.

I thought this dude in the 5th pic was AROD 🤣

Why did I think picture #5 was Arod at first 😅🤣🤣 anyone else?

Ollie’s bargain outlet A-rod

That last one was my favorite. Pretty spot on, too. When you really squint your eyes and look, it’s not Alex Rodriguez. Close — like my Publix brand Fruit Loops (Fruit Rings!) — but not quite.

Glad to see I wasn’t alone. And, glad to see Jennifer Lopez still looks hot in a bikini.


Jennifer Lopez and fake Alex Rodriguez.

Written by Zach Dean

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