Jenna Berman, The World’s No. 1 Ranked Physician Assistant, Puts On An Influencing Clinic

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We’re coming down the homestretch on social media for Christmas sales, which means it’s now or never for brands looking to move merchandise. This isn’t a time to hire some unknown Instagram model to sling jewelry aimed at last-minute shoppers.

Enter 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa’s ex-girlfriend, and the world’s No. 1 ranked physician assistant, Jenna Berman who knows how to collect eyeballs and impressions with an advertising campaign.

“If not me then who? get your last minute Christmas shopping done with @jaxxon 🖤,” Berman wrote Tuesday afternoon on Instagram. That’s an advertisement for men’s jewelry company Jaxxon, which is like tens of thousands of companies out there trying to collect as many last-minute sales as possible.

You read that right — Berman and Jaxxon are aiming their advertising efforts at women. The thinking is that you hire Berman to advertise at men. Wrong.

Berman dumping out her rack in a BMW is marketing 101 aimed at women. After talking to dozens of Instagram professionals, I’ve learned that the aim is to make women feel like they can have that lifestyle — minus the physician assistant grind — where they can drive around in a BMW and tease their boyfriends or slam pieces with jewelry.

This is how you maintain the world’s no. 1 physician assistant ranking and rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in social media marketing deals.

The OutKick Culture Department profiled dozens of women in 2022 who hold world No. 1 rankings — as voted on by the Culture Department staff, which includes myself and SeanJo — and there’s no bigger rising star in the influencing industry right now than Berman.

We’re talking a 12-seed entering the year — don’t forget, she was inactive for much of 2022 — who has now beat up on a 5-seed and is about to go on a massive run in 2023.

Remember the name. She’ll be on our 2023 Influencers Watch List that will be coming out next week. Stay tuned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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