Jenna Berman, The World’s Hottest Physician Assistant, Stuns Instagram With ‘They Are Real?’ Answer

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Jenna Berman, who is best known as The World’s Hottest Physician Assistant & 49ers stud defensive end Nick Bosa’s ex-girlfriend, rocked the Instagram world Wednesday night during a Q&A session that took a quick turn when a fan asked “They are real?”

It wasn’t Berman’s answer — “au naturelll baby” — that has the social media app buzzing. It was the Florida resident’s follow-up statement that has grown men completely stunned this afternoon as they watch March Madness at work.

“Contemplating a reduction tho, but I’ll wait until after kids,” Berman noted.

Guys, I’ve been at this Internet game for over 15 years. I’ve been down in the mud slinging pop culture content like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never heard a five-tool Instagram model — or any model for that matter — at Berman’s level say she’s thinking of a boob reduction.

That’s just not something blurted out in the content world.

Whew, I’m reeling right now. I cannot believe I’m reading that statement.

Are you reading that statement, Instagram pretenders? The World’s Hottest Physician Assistant and a woman who has now dated a MLB starting pitcher — Jack Flaherty of the St. Louis Cardinals and Bosa — says those world-class boobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

We’re talking about a 26 or 27-year-old (you can’t get a straight answer these days from Google) in the absolute prime of her Instagram career is talking about a dramatic surgery.

The lesson here for the IG pretenders is to be careful what you wish for just so you can rise to the top of social media.

Take it from Jenna Berman.

Ok, how many kids are we talking here?

And what kind of guy should be sliding into your DMs?

And will this guy be required to take IG photos of his girlfriend/wife and baby mama? It turns out that job might be covered for the foreseeable future as Jenna’s mom, Kim, knows how to use a camera.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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