Jen Psaki Blames ‘Spanish Language Disinformation’ For GOP’s Florida Dominance

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Former White House press secretary, now MSNBC pundit, Jen Psaki asks that we discredit the Latino vote in Florida.

She specified that Florida Latinos are not like other Latinos. Per Little Red Lying Hood, Florida Latinos are uniquely susceptible to disinformation.

Psaki declared “a massive disinformation problem in Spanish language media” as the fuel for the dominant Republican victories in Florida on Tuesday night in the midterm elections.

“Socialism does not play [in Florida],” she then complained.

That’s certainly one way to frame it. Though not all that accurate. And a bit, dare I say it, racist. Calling Florida Latinos vulnerable to fake news seems rather unnecessary.

What about Florida Latinxs? Are they too voting on behalf of “massive disinformation,” or only the Latinos?

We agree with “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host and friend of OutKick Rachel Campos-Duffy:

“Patronizing white lady says Hispanics who vote Republican are ignorant, gullible victims of disinformation.”

Sen. Marco Rubio responded to Psaki’s “insight” late Tuesday night on Twitter: “I pray Democrats will keep following the advice of people like this lady.”

Rubio handily topped Democratic opponent Val Demings with around 57.7% of the vote.

Still, Psaki’s coverage of the Latino vote in Florida wasn’t even MSNBC’s most uncomfortable moment of the night. Earlier in the night, MSNBC attributed “gerrymandering” to the GOP’s dominance in Florida.

We repeat, one of the three main cable news networks blamed “gerrymandering” for the results of “statewide” elections.

The country deserves more segments that feature Jen Psaki; Joy Reid; Rachel Maddow; and Maddow’s little brother, Chris, on set together.

At least Jen Psaki didn’t compare the Latino community to breakfast tacos. We had feared such a take would rub off on her given her communication with the Biden family.

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