MSNBC Blames ‘Gerrymandering’ For GOP Dominance In Florida

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Right now, we check in with MSNBC as polls continue to close on Election Night. MSNBC is currently focused — and enraged — over the GOP’s dominance in Florida.

Republicans are sweeping the state. Namely, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Matt Gaetz put forth dominant wins, per Fox News results.

To that, MSNBC says blame gerrymandering. According to the network, the GOP’s midterm dominance in the Florida statewide elections is entirely due to gerrymandering.

MSNBC was so confident in this senseless talking point that it tweeted it out to great humiliation:

To answer Hume’s question, yes. But no one at MSNBC.

Perhaps the network grew tired of blaming racism for each defeat, so it spun the wheel for a more novel excuse. Fine. But could it at least land on an excuse that could, well, theoretically make sense?

Because blaming gerrymandering does not.

If you haven’t seen it, MSNBC is presenting a doozy on Tuesday night. The main desk consists of Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace, and dweeby Chris Hayes.

Sure, that quartet is loose with the truths and confused by the facts. But their hysteria is unmatched.

Earlier, some wacky professor appeared on the set and preemptively denied the results of the Georgia elections.

Too bad MSNBC fired Tiffany Cross last week. She might have been able to top that guy in stupidity.

Between that simp and the gerrymandering take, MSNBC is the type of satirical gold that “SNL” so often fails to produce.

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