Jemele Hill Calls Clay Travis an Idiot

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This ESPN drama is intense. It’s costing people jobs, probably getting some people paid, getting other people labeled as racists, and making a lot of people laugh.

The story goes beyond just Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols, with the likes of Jalen Rose’s daughter and Clay Travis now involved. Wait, Clay Travis?

Jemele Hill continues to inject herself into the story by claiming that ESPN likes black faces but not black voices. And because of terrible racism at the network, Hill says the “idiot” Clay Travis ruined her show before it got canceled.

“Thinking about my situation, they (ESPN) were reacting to a moment then,” Hill said on the Dan Le Batard Show. “That moment said people didn’t want to hear any political talk, any racial talk, any social justice talk, not that that was something Mike and I were doing every day on SportsCenter, we weren’t.

“They let a false narrative persist about our show that people ran away with,” Hill goes on. “They let the idiots in the room control the conversation, people like Clay Travis. They allowed those people to direct their course of action. They panicked, and suddenly, they were very intentional about the things that they were doing in our show. They wanted black faces. They didn’t necessarily want black voices.”

Here’s my takeaway: if Clay Travis can dictate decisions on shows, he’s doing a poor job of it. Really poor.

I mean, why did it take him until the end of Game of Thrones to complain about the final season? And if he really had the power to make those changes, should angry GoT fans aim more blame at him? I would. And I will.

Hey, Clay, are you really going to sit back and let NBA Countdown continue down this path?

I’m also curious about the “people like Clay Travis” part. Who else does that include? In fact, at this rate, who could be thrown into this burning fire next?

Tom Hanks? He’s always in the news. 

Don Jr.? CNN told me he’s the devil.

OutKick’s Joe Kinsey? If so, at least keep the mean tweets down while the man mows the lawn.

Anyway, please, don’t call Clay Travis an idiot publicly. His DMs are open for a reason.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Strange. I seem to remember ESPN’s 6 o’clock Sportscenter cratered in the ratings. Then in response, Hill and Smith got even more politically oriented, on and off camera, which made the ratings worse. But I guess that was all Clay’s fault.

  2. At this point I don’t know who uses these outrages more, Jemele Hill or Outkick to garner clicks. People reading this site know what to expect of Hill. Stop covering her and she’ll dry up and blow away.

    • wait, seriously, I haven’t watched ESPN in years (probably a decade), so I click on this stuff on Outkick to see who people like Jemele Hill are.

      Once I see they are some Main-stream media darling, I dismiss them as either and “affirmative action” pick or a “casting couch” pick for their job… IN the case of Hill, she looks like she was hired for the color of her skin, not the content of her character.

    • I do get your point here about letting her fade into obscurity, but I also enjoy reading ridicule about complete idiots that bring it on themselves. I would argue it helps them fade. We laugh without anyone actually directing any clicks or listens/views to her “content”…a win-win

  3. Jemele Hill is a racist clown. We don’t think or care about her. In fact the only time I see anything about her is here. Let’s allow her to fade away into nothingness which is where she belongs.

  4. I might understand calling Clay an attention seeker, blow hard, or troll, but “idiot” isn’t even an insult that makes sense. He’s not dumb, not uniformed, he’s well-educated, and usually makes points everyday people relate to. Hill’s audience is obviously CRT-crazed sky-screamers who don’t think clearly, so that’s the level of thought we’re dealing with here.

  5. I love how Hill is blaming her failed show on racism when she just failed to do a good job. Also, interesting to see her insult her former employer who just threw gobs of cash at her to produce what is sure to be a farcical documentary about Kaepernick.

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