Jalen Rose’s Daughter Goes After Rachel Nichols in Twitter Video

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The Rachel Nichols-Maria Taylor drama isn’t going away. And it just got worse for ESPN.

Mariah Rose, Jalen Rose’s daughter, uploaded a video on Twitter blasting Rachel Nichols. Jalen Rose is an analyst on NBA Countdown, the show ESPN put Taylor on over Nichols.

“Maria Taylor knows what a general talent she is,” Mariah Rose begins the video. “Let’s talk about the fact that she actually played basketball. And if you want to go there. Let’s go there, let’s talk about how you’re related to Diane Sawyer, arguably the queen of ABC.

“You got your job as one of the faces of ESPN because you’re so entertaining and talented and so good at it, right?”

“You are a woman in the sports world and you sat there and you laughed about the Me Too movement? About your fellow women complaining about being sexually assaulted at work? You think that’s funny.

“What really got me is you’re tired of the Black Lives Matter movement. You weren’t tired about posting about it or making your stupid little storybook monologues about it. Maybe instead of crying and calling Maria a diversity token, you can direct that energy to the people who think there can only be one woman on that stage.

“And if we’re being real, Rachel Nichols is a subpar reporter. Subpar. Boring. Not great. Sorry your white privilege didn’t work this time. Maybe next time.”

Nichols addressed the audio leak earlier today on The Jump, apologizing to Taylor and ESPN.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. How is this even a story? Some spoiled little rich kid who grew up never wanting for anything is lecturing Nichols about privilege? That’s funny shit right there. Out of curiosity I looked up the career of both. Nichols is appears to have earned her seat at the top with many accolades. Taylor is still a newbie. As far as Taylor having played basketball before? A year or two at Georgia, but was primarily a volleyball player. Rose’s privileged daughter’s take doesn’t change anything.

    • I AGREE, It must just be “hype for clicks” for ESPN – fabricate a phony cat-fight for higher clicks or ratings.

      Also, never forget the “casting couch.” $10 says it’s in play here. If the “Me, too” movement taught us ANYTHING, it’s that SOME people (not just girls) will do ANYTHING for fame – It may not be sex-related, but somebody gave someone something to get somewhere.

  2. What would you describe affirmative action as, exactly? Asians need to be limited in attendance to Ivys, PoC need fewer extra curriculars and lower test scores than Irish, German, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese, etc. What kinda privilege do we call that? I’m at the point where college money from me is contingent upon graduation from boot/basic. Fort Benning, Knox, or Lejeune, or bust.

  3. Bobby can we please get a piece on the cataclysmic box office debacle of “In the Heights,” Hollywood’s gritty Northeast diatribe against all immigration laws (set to music)? Colossal ad budget and no one saw it. I can hear the excuses now: it’s a musical; it’s intended urban audience is still keeping itself safe from COVID; streaming on hbo cannibalized sales; it wasn’t woke ENOUGH; and of course AMERICA IS RACIST. How about this: we’ll sit through a movie like “Knives Out” that promotes Democrat hate in the background of a good story, but the audience for a film of political propaganda is just really really small. Good for America to sniff out this hit piece. You lose this one Hollywood.

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