Jemele Hill Blames White Supremacy Plague For Black Officers Killing Black Man Tyre Nichols

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Non-best-selling author Jemele Hill blames “white supremacy” for five black police officers beating Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old black man, to death.

How can one blame white supremacy for an incident involving not a single white folk and 6 black subjects? Jemele — tried — to explain:

The death of Nichols is appalling, a horrific abuse of power. The police should be charged appropriately. And they have been. Each officer faces a second-degree murder charge.

But unbeknownst to characters like Hill, a situation can be tragic while not racist. In fact, that’s the case in most unfortunate incidents.

There’s still no proof Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd on the basis of his skin color. Based on his history, Chauvin was an inept officer. (Notice the prosecution didn’t cite racism during his trial last year.) Anyway, the political group BLM burned cities on the message that racism was to blame for Floyd’s death.

Bad actors exist. Some are black; others are white. Yet there’s such a demand to uncover white supremacy that the national media cherry-picks incidents to fume over — focusing only on the cases it can aptly spin in its favor.

The likes of Jemele Hill have based their entire career on the hypothesis that white supremacy continues to plague America. But actual evidence of such is so scarce that Hill must scrap, claw, manufacture, exaggerate, and lie to support said claim.

Thereby she spent her weekend attributing five black officers killing a black man to “white supremacy.”

And while various blue-checks appreciated Jemele’s dedication to blaming white people for all viral atrocities, most Twitter users mocked her for such desperation:

One particular user obtained the script on which Jemele bases her commentaries:

Spreading racial division is often good for business. Look at Al Sharpton. And The Anti-White Bishop, Talbert Swan.

But it appears the popularity of Jemele’s race-baiting is waning in scale. Her highly-promoted, billboard-featured memoir on overcoming racism sold just 5,000 copies months into release.

We assume #whitesupremacy is to blame for that too. White supremacy is always to blame, even during matters in which whites are not involved.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Just as with Abortion and Climate Change …. “Racism” is a VERY Profitable Industry in America. A number of amoral opportunists operate very profitable businesses within the Racism Industry. Jemele Hill is among the more notorious such … Keeping the Racism Industry thriving is critical to her financial success.

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