Jaylen Brown Hints Celtics Could Boycott NBA Finals Over Gun Violence

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown admits Celtics players could boycott the NBA Finals as a form of protest against gun violence in America.

That’ll do the trick.

Brown was asked Tuesday if players, coaches, or both would be so bothered by recent gun violence or other things within the country, that they would sit out the Finals. In response, Brown acknowledged it’s a possibility.

“It could (get to that point). You keep an open mind, you never know,” Brown told assembled media members. “Definitely things need to be addressed.”

Jaylen Brown NBA Finals
Jaylen Brown hints that the Boston Celtics could boycott the NBA Finals over gun violence. “Sometimes people argue, ‘stopping a basketball game, what effect is that going to have?’ I would say it raises awareness and that’s important.'” Photos via Getty.

Brown’s comments came just two days after Finals participants from both Brown’s Celtics and the Golden State Warriors took to the court for warmups in shirts that read “End Gun Violence.” 


Prior to Sunday’s Game 2, Warriors coach Steve Kerr commented on the decision from both teams to warm up in the bright orange shirts: “The idea behind wearing the shirts for both teams is to make people aware that they can contribute to different gun safety, gun violence prevention groups.”

Nothing stops a lunatic from unloading on a school, church or grocery store like a handful of professional athletes in orange t-shirts.


In Brown’s opinion, stopping a basketball game from being played would go a long way.

“It raises awareness. It gets people’s attention,” Brown added. “It’s a topic that’s being talked about now. Certain people have pressure on them, and changes need to start getting made.

“I definitely think (boycotting a Finals game) is an effective strategy that can work.”

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is scheduled for 9:00 pm EST Wednesday from Boston, and whether the Celtics and Warriors suit up or sit out is still somewhat of a question, according to Brown.

“Do I have the answer if (a boycott) is something we’ll see in the near future? I don’t,” Brown said. “But, we’ll see.”

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. A tree falls in the forest… There are multiple shootings in Democrat led inner cities daily. You could go speak to “your” people without cameras to find the real problem but then you cannot grandstand and make it about yourself.

  2. Who is playing? Rap about it that’s what the “culture” does regarding gun violence anyway. Do something meaningful. Trust me not many people care if you play or don’t play the finals.

  3. Good. Do it. Continue to kill the golden goose.

    You want to stop shootings? Maybe promote the opposite of “Stop snitching” and pushing to defund the police in the neighborhoods where 99%o f the shootings take place. Oh, but that would make you a sell out, which is far more important than actual results. Fucking rats being led by their liberal pied piper.

  4. A lot of low IQ players. They don’t know squat about anything and care even less. They march to the drum of the Democrats like sheep. Not intelligent enough to think on their own. I don’t watch the Chicom league but would love to see them boycott and then find out nobody gives a shit.

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