ESPN’s Jay Williams Not Hiding His Racial Bias, Claims Those Criticizing Angel Reese For Taunting Caitlin Clark Are Racist

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Accusing people of being racist while blatantly showing your racial bias during your national radio show is an interesting choice, but that’s become the go-to move at ESPN. Jay Williams stepped up to the plate for the worldwide leader and put on a world-class display of how to disregard reality and simply focus on the skin color of Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese.

During the final minute or so of LSU’s national championship win over Iowa on Sunday, Reese spent her time taunting Clark. The LSU star sought out Clark every moment she could pointing to her ring finger and doing the John Cena ‘You Can’t See Me’ hand motion.

Reese using the ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt was a call back to Clark doing the same move earlier in the tournament.

Here is Clark doing the move as she walks back to her team’s bench against Louisville:

These two situations couldn’t be more different, but Williams and other woke members of the media that quite literally only see race want you to think that they’re the same.


Clark threw up her hand for half a second while walking to the bench. Reese did the motion multiple times two feet from Clark’s face.

Trash-talking is part of sports, but there’s a fine line between going overboard and looking classless and simply being caught in the moment.

Jay Williams Doesn’t Think It’s Fair To Criticize Angel Reese Because The Color Of Her Skin

In the eyes of many, Reese overstepped the line and looked obnoxious walking over to Clark to taunt her for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Williams doesn’t agree with anyone criticizing Reese’s antics, he thinks those who didn’t like Reese’s over-the-top trash talk are racist.

“We have a certain section of people that want to come out and call out people like Angel Reese, who is 20 years old,” Williams said. “Now think about this, the narrative that’s been following this team is that they’re ghetto, they’re thugs…”and today I’m pissed off because instead of congratulating and celebrating LSU, we’re talking about elements of race and double standards.”

“When Caitlin Clark is doing all this, she has swag, she’s a competitor, but when Angel Reese does it. Was it maybe a tad-bit excessive, could she have been called for a technical, sure if the refs wanted to call her for a t at the end of the game for trash-talking because she followed Caitlin Clark around.”

“We applaud it in other directions, but now we want to apply race towards it or we want to apply ‘look at her, she’s a classless piece of.'”

Williams can not be this dumb. He has eyes and a brain, and there is no way he can honestly look at Clark’s taunting and Reese’s taunting and compare the two as if they’re remotely the same thing.

The irony in all of this is Williams went on a two-plus minute rant about how people shouldn’t be complaining about the situation, only to be complaining about the situation himself. He spent two minutes explaining why it’s racist for anyone to call out Reese if they aren’t also calling out Clark.

His ‘argument’ is solely focused on race yet in the same breath is calling others racist.

It’s just another day that ends with the letter ‘y’ at ESPN.

The solution to all of this is for everyone to stop being so damn sensitive. This shouldn’t even be a story, but it is because ESPN jumps on anything it believes to be racist.

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  1. A Black Guy on ESPN accusing anyone who disagrees with him as “You’re a Racist:” …. Huuummm, where have we heard THAT before ????

    When will we hear it again … and again … and again ?…. sigh.

  2. Williams is that dumb. Knee-jerk attacks of racism are the currency of low IQ racists. It’s called projection. Fortunately I do not give a F what this moron says, but since a story was written on it, why not pile on?

  3. “Williams can not be this dumb”…Yes, he is that dumb. Don’t forget this is the same guy who flushed an NBA career down the toilet by driving a motorcycle into a streetlight. He is a complete idiot and clearly is a racist also.

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