Jamie Foxx ‘Awake’ After Suffering Unknown Medical Emergency, Nick Cannon Says

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Jamie Foxx is slowly making more progress after suffering an unknown medical emergency.

The star actor was hospitalized while in Atlanta, and details on what caused the situation remain mostly unknown.

TMZ reported at the time that the situation was so serious family came from out of town to see him. Now, it sounds like he’s slowly turning a corner, according to Nick Cannon.

“I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it’s a beautiful thing. He’s awake. They say he’s alert, so, we love it. I know he’s doing so much better because I’m actually about to do something special for him, and doing him a favor,” Cannon told Entertainment Tonight, according to Fox News.

Jamie Foxx is awake after suffering a medical emergency, according to Nick Cannon. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Few details are known about Jamie Foxx’s medical condition.

Virtually nothing is known about why Foxx was hospitalized back on April 11, but Cannon indicated it will eventually become public.

“I can’t really say what it is, but it’ll be out there soon,” the star entertainer further told Entertainment Tonight.

Details remain limited on Jamie Foxx’s medical situation. He’s slowly turning a corner, according to Nick Cannon. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

At the time of the hospitalization, his daughter Corinne announced that he had simply “experienced a medical complication” without providing any further details. She noted earlier in April he was “already on his way to recovery.”

Nearly two weeks later, the fact he’s “awake” is the biggest update fans have received.

It’s clear it’s a very serious situation, and hopefully, Jamie Foxx is able to eventually return to 100% and get back on his feet. You never want to see anyone get sick, especially at a level that requires being hospitalized.

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