Jalen Rose Continues Trend Of Terrible Takes, Thinks You Should Pay $100 For A Haircut

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Thoughts and prayers go out to ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose’s financial advisor.

The former NBA player thinks you should be paying your barber $100 for a cut.


Rose, who spends his post-NBA playing days trying to get Mount Rushmore cancelled, said as much during an interview with Boardroom.

“The minimum you’re supposed to be spending for a quality barber is $100,” said Rose. “I’m here to defend the sanctuary that is called barbers and beauticians.”

And just like that, Rose put a cherry on his asinine take by calling barbers and beauticians a “sanctuary.”

Oh, and since when do we need to defend people in the hair industry? My wife is part of this “sanctuary” and last I checked, she’s doing just fine – though maybe she should raise her prices.

$100 Haircuts Is Just The Latest Dumb Take By Rose

Rose, who’s haircut doesn’t exactly scream “pricey,” has made a career out of terrible takes. In addition to his Mount Rushmore angle, he was also angered that Team USA’s Olympic basketball team had a “token white player” on the roster.

This fall, Rose stumbled through an ESPN appearance where he demanded the Celtics publicly name the female employee who had an affair with then-coach Ime Udoka.

There was also the time in October when Jalen Rose was a guest on Jeopardy! and thought New England was a state.

During his $100 haircut rant, Rose also made it seem as if a $35 cut is cheap. What man is paying even that much to get their ears lowered?

Jalen Rose thinks you should be paying at least $100 at the barber! (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images).

What Is Jalen Rose Thinking?

Rose can certainly afford to lay a c-note down in exchange for a fade. He made more than $100 million during his NBA career and is presumably paid handsomely by ESPN. But this isn’t about what you can or can’t afford. This is about reckless spending.

Someone needs to remind Jalen we’re living in Biden’s America. Has he seen the cost of eggs or chicken wings? Tried booking a flight lately?

Find yourself a Great Clips, Jalen.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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