Jalen Hurts, Cooper Manning Share Heartwarming Moment

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Jalen Hurts cracked a smile and shared some laughs Monday night with Cooper Manning.

Hurts and the Eagles will play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this Sunday, and media availability got underway Monday.

The only Manning brother to not sling it on Sundays in the NFL was in attendance with Fox Sports, and he put on a show.

He took a brief moment to talk to the Eagles star passer and the content didn’t disappoint.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles will play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this Sunday. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Cooper Manning and Jalen Hurts crack some jokes.

“I remember when you and I were hanging out together and my dad said, ‘One of you is headed for good things.’ I thought he was talking about me, but apparently, I’m wrong,” Cooper said with a huge grin on his face.

Without even hesitating, the dual-threat star QB fired back with, “Maybe he was!” Hurts also thanked Cooper and the rest of the Mannings for having a huge impact on his life.

You can watch the fun moment below.

Cooper and Jalen are content gold.

If that segment didn’t bring a smile to your face, you probably don’t have a soul. It shouldn’t matter if you cheer for the Eagles or hate them, that was awesome.

It’s borderline impossible to dislike Cooper Manning or Jalen Hurts. The Manning brother is honestly hilarious and might be the funniest of the trio.

Jalen Hurts is just an insanely likable guy who overcame a lot of adversity. He went from being benched in college to starting in the Super Bowl. That’s one hell of a story arc.

Will Jalen Hurts and the Eagles win the Super Bowl? (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Win or lose Sunday, at least Jalen Hurts gave fans one awesome moment to enjoy. That was truly a hilarious and heartwarming exchange.

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