Epic Video Spotlights All The Pundits Who Thought Jalen Hurts Would Fail

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An awesome video is reminding people of how many haters and doubters Jalen Hurts had when entering the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Hurts are 60 minutes of great football away from lifting the Lombardi Trophy against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

It’s been a crazy few years for Hurts. He went from being benched at Alabama during halftime of the national title game to playing in the Super Bowl.

Jalen Hurts has silenced his haters. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

When he came to the NFL, plenty of people thought he would never cut it, and Instagram user @mrs_d2u isn’t letting people forget who the critics were.

In a viral video that has blown up over the past day, she showcased all the people who thought Hurts wouldn’t ever amount to anything in the NFL.

Let’s just say the receipts are spicy.

Jalen Hurts proves the haters wrong.

How can you not cheer for Jalen Hurts? Even if you hate the Eagles, you have to admit Jalen Hurts’ journey has been incredible.

He was a dominant player his freshman year in Tuscaloosa, led Alabama to the national title game his sophomore year, got benched at halftime in favor of Tua Tagovailoa, stuck around for his junior season in a limited role, transferred to Oklahoma, lit up and was then a second round draft pick.

Every criticism imaginable was lobbed at him when he was drafted in 2020. How could the Eagles believe he’d ever be the future, right?

Viral video calls out Jalen Hurts’ haters and critics. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

How could a guy who got benched in college cut it in the NFL? Well, Jalen Hurts is one win away from leading a team to a Super Bowl victory.

The dual-threat QB has had an absolutely incredible journey, and all of a sudden, the critics aren’t so loud.

That’s what happens when you score 35 total touchdowns and put up more than 4,400 yards of offense in a single regular season. Hurts’ numbers were massive, and he 100% deserves all the admiration he’s been receiving.

Jalen Hurts is one win away from winning the Lombardi Trophy. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Now, it’s time to see what Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can do February 12 in the Super Bowl. It should be a very fun game.

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