Ja Morant Is Now Under Colorado Police Investigation For Gun Video: REPORT

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Ja Morant is facing a police investigation after live streaming a video of himself flashing a weapon in a bar.

The Memphis Grizzlies star is currently away from the team after he filmed himself holding a handgun while partying. It wasn’t clear at the time where he was, but police in Glendale, Colorado now believe he was at a local bar, according to TMZ.

The authorities “have confirmed the incident took place at a bar in Glendale … We are investigating the matter,” the police said in a statement to the outlet. Glendale police also confirmed the investigation to OutKick and said it is not known at this time whether or not it was Morant’s gun.

Did Ja Morant violate Colorado’s gun laws?

Interestingly, simply possessing a gun in an establishment that serves alcohol is not a violation of the law in Colorado, according to Giffords.

However, it is illegal to possess a weapon while under the influence. C.R.S 18-12-106 clearly prohibits individuals who have consumed substances from having firearms.

In the video, it is not clear whether or not Ja Morant is under the influence of anything.

Ja Morant under investigation by police. (Credit: Colorado Government)

Many states also have laws regulating pulling handguns out for non-justified reasons. This generally falls under some form of a brandishing law or disturbing the public peace.

Colorado appears to have a law on the books that actually does cover pulling a weapon out for the purpose of not using it for a justified reason.

Did Ja Morant violate Colorado weapon laws? (Credit: https://law.justia.com/codes/colorado/2018/title-18/article-9/part-1/section-18-9-106/)

However, it’s not crystal clear. I reached out to an official at the Glendale police department, and he said simply pulling out a gun *IF* totally sober, doesn’t automatically mean you broke the law. There has to be some level of menacing.

Below is the text of Colorado’s menacing law.

Police are investigating Ja Morant. (Credit: https://law.justia.com/codes/colorado/2016/title-18/article-3/part-2/section-18-3-206/)

Currently, Morant remains away from the team and has deleted his social media accounts. As of this publishing, he has not appeared to address the investigation. This is a developing situation. Check back to OutKick for more updates as we have them.

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