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College Football is officially back

It’s here. The College Football season is officially back. There were football games played on Saturday that actually counted towards the win-loss records.

Jason Garrett tried his hardest to ruin it for fans tuning into Navy and Notre Dame, but in reality he brought football fans closer together. We watched the game and hated on him as one.

It’s a beautiful moment when you stop and really think about it.

Speaking of beautiful moments, there’s nothing like a great stiff-arm. When executed correctly they can send opponents flying. When executed in the stands by a woman talking on a phone pure magic is created.

On Saturday morning, a clip from an unknown football game – possibly at the high school level – surfaced showing one such magical moment. A woman talking on her phone in the stands is confronted by another woman who gets in her face and starts yelling.

That was a big mistake. Without even lowering her phone from her ear, she stiff-arms the trash talker into oblivion. The woman is sent flying and the clip ends shortly after she is relocated several rows in the stands.

You know football is back when people are sent flying in the stands.

Referee takes a football to the face

Another sign that football is back is referees getting involved in the action. A referee during San Diego State and Ohio’s season opener found a new way to get in on the action.

The referee had a front row seat as San Diego State quarterback Jalen Mayden attempted to avoid Ohio’s pass rush.

In order to avoid an intentional grounding penalty, Mayden drilled the official in the face with the ball.

If a referee is taking a football to the face during a play, you know everything else that can happen during a game is also on the table.

We had a kickoff return, which is still one of the most exciting plays in the game, a true no-look pass when a quarterback almost had his head ripped off by a facemask, and our first drone delay of the season.

What a start to the season. For those wondering about the two big names that hit the field on Saturday, Navy and San Jose State, they were both destroyed by their ranked opponents.

Navy fell to No. 13 Notre Dame in Dublin, Ireland by the score of 42-3 and San Jose State took their first loss, 56-28, at the hands of No. 6 USC.

Another NFL preseason game was suspended due to an injury

In the 4th quarter of the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars final preseason game on Saturday night, Dolphins rookie receiver Daewood Davis took a shot to the back of the head and appeared to be knocked out cold.

It’s hard to see exactly what happens, but a Jaguars defender appears to hit Davis in the back of the head as he’s trying to catch a pass.

The ball falls incomplete and Davis was facedown on the field after the play.

Davis was carted off the field. As a result, the game was suspended with more than eight minutes left in the 4th quarter.

This is the second time this preseason that a game was suspended for a player suffering a head injury. Obviously, everyone hopes Davis will be okay after taking the shot to the head.

Shortly after being carted off the field it was reported that Davis was conscious and had movement in all of his extremities.

If preseason games are being suspended for injuries then why are they even playing them? They obviously don’t matter.

I get it head injuries suck, but they’re part of the game and a risk every player who takes the field is willing to take. This feels like another step toward flag football.

Anyway, let’s not get too caught up in that now. If a regular season game gets suspended for a player being knocked out then the sport we all love is in big trouble.

Until then, enjoy the fact that football that counts is back.

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