College Football Fans Are Already Done With Jason Garrett

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College football is finally back after seven months, and fans of Notre Dame and Navy were THRILLED to tune into NBC to hear Jason Garrett.

Just kidding! The ex-Dallas Cowboys coach pissed everyone almost immediately on today’s telecast and did his best to ruin the return of the most glorious time of year.

That’s not me talking, Jason. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Let’s dive in:

Jason Garrett is NOT a hit in today’s college football world

That last one was legit hilarious. I spit my beer out the second I heard it. Seriously. I had to rewind to make sure I didn’t hear it wrong, and I did not.

Yeah, fans are NOT happy. Honestly, I had no idea Jason Garrett was gonna be on the call for this game, so when I saw him pop up on my screen I was stunned. I went in with no expectations, and then the second I saw him start to trend on the site formerly known as Twitter I knew things had gone south.

Right on cue, I clicked on his name and it’s just a bloodbath. He also said that Sam Hartman’s never had a good running back, even though he literally had Ken Walker at Wake Forest. Hilarious.

PS: how about the game Hartman’s having today? Notre Dame finally has a legit QB, and he’s even wearing his own RIB around his neck in necklace-form.


OK, back to the comments!

Written by Zach Dean

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