Israel Adesanya Mocks Teen Who Went Missing After Jumping Off Ship, Realizes It Was A Serious Situation And Backtracks

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UFC fighter Israel Adesanya is getting some heat after mocking the 18-year-old who has gone missing after jumping from a cruise ship.

Recent high school grad Cameron Robbins jumped from a cruise ship last week, reportedly because of a dare. He jumped into the pitch-black ocean and the moment was caught on camera.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s horrifying.

After several days, the search for Robbins was called off, but that didn’t stop the video from going viral. One of those who had it pop up on their feed was Adesanya.

He tweeted a link to a story about the incident.

He’s not wrong in that we live in an era where people do jaw-droppingly dumb things in the name of capturing it on video. While no doubt a tragedy, there’s also no denying that this was a bad decision from Robbins and those who encouraged him to jump.

But, Israel: read the room, my guy. Some folks weren’t happy about his glib reaction to the tragedy.

Adesenya Changed His Tune When He Learned More

In fairness, it seems he didn’t get the whole picture when he said that. If that initial tweet provided all the info Adesanya knew about the story, he wouldn’t have been aware of how horrific the teenager’s likely death is thought to have been.

Once Adesenya got caught up on some more info — namely that the waters Robbins jumped into were shark-infested — he recalibrated his reaction.

Side note: since when does the word “killed” need to get the asterisk treatment?

No matter how you want to look at it, this is a brutal situation.

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