NIGHTMARE FUEL: Kid Jumps Off A Cruise Ship Into A Pitch Black Ocean Full of Sharks, Search Abandoned

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If you lack the stomach for an absolutely terrifying video … please don’t keep reading.

First, let’s address the conditional statement that news of a death is always tragic. But damn, this video of a cruise ship losing a passenger in the middle of nowhere, dead of night, and in shark-infested waters is straight-up terrifying.

H.S. Grad Pulled Into Black Waters By Hungry Sharks

It started when high school graduate Cameron Robbins, 18, was apparently dared to jump off a cruise ship in the middle of the pitch-black night. He was accompanied by several high schoolers, all of them graduating Louisiana’s University Lab School just three days before Robbins’ grisly fate.

Robbins and crew were aboard Blackbeard’s Revenge near Athol Island in the Bahamas (May 24) when the ex-high school baseball pitcher decided to go for a night swim.

Now, most people aboard a cruise ship likely assume that the boat is moving at a snail’s pace, within the vastness of the ocean… that is a miscalculation.

Footage showed Robbins idling in the water as the cruise ship moved along, gradually out of Robbins’ view in a slow and agonizing sight.

In case getting stuck in the middle of the ocean at night wasn’t terrifying enough, the waters off Athol Island are infested with sharks, according to Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commodore Raymond King (per DailyMail).

One of them even appeared (sort of) in the video.

A Dare Gone Wrong For Cameron Robbins…

As passengers looked at Robbins in disbelief and panic, they threw him a buoy to help him stay afloat.

The video shows the teen heading toward the floatation device until he seemingly notices a sliver of shark appearing in the water, prompting him to swim in the opposite direction of the buoy.

Viewers argued that Robbins can be seen getting pulled into the water.

WATCH (some strong language, sharks):

According to the New York Post, the cruise ship stayed in the area for hours, looking for Cameron Robbins. The Coast Guard swiftly called for a search to rescue the graduate but officially suspended their search two days later after combing through 325 miles of ocean.

As one Twitter commenter pointed out, the absolute terror of being Robbins at that moment is nightmare fuel. Better to accept hypothermia as your fate over being a midnight meal for sharks.

Idiling in the onyx waters as your only source of light drifts away slowly, with possibly dozens of sharks directly underneath you, is no way to go.

Cameron Robbins was never to be seen again.

Rest in Peace.

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