Logan Paul Dominated By Israel Adesanya In Wrestling Match

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Logan Paul learned he probably shouldn’t try to wrestle Israel Adesanya.

The older Paul brother has done a bit of fighting in the boxing world, and famously boxed Floyd Mayweather. He doesn’t have the boxing career of his bother, but he’s definitely a solid athlete.

Logan Paul has also regularly teased possibly hopping into the cage for an MMA bout. While there might be some people can catch fight with and win, Israel Adesanya definitely isn’t one of them.

The social media sensation spent some time wrestling with the UFC superstar this week, and it ended exactly as you’d expect:

Adesanya absolutely dominated Logan Paul.

Israel Adesanya crushes Logan Paul in wrestling match.

This situation reminds me of the line in “Miracle” about how there’s a big difference between young and promising and actually being great.

Logan Paul might be athletic and a much better fighter than the average dude walking around, but let’s get real, folks.

Logan Paul choked out by Israel Adesanya during wrestling bout. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Nobody is getting on the ground with Israel Adesanya with any hope of winning unless they’re also a UFC star.

The MMA star is 24-2 in his fighting career and has comically large reach thanks to his 6’4″ height. Logan Paul makes his money on the internet and with his Prime drink. He’s not rich because he’s an elite fighter.

I interviewed rising MMA star Connor Matthews several months back, and directly asked him how big the talent gap is between trained pros and everyone else. He laughed at me.

Logan Paul might not be some random dude, but he’s not even close to be good enough to hang with Israel Adesanya. No chance at all!

Having said that, he deserves props for even giving it a shot. Most dudes wouldn’t dare to get on a mat with one of the baddest men on the planet.

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