Nate Diaz Laughs About Choking Logan Paul Lookalike With Brother Jake Paul

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Former UFC star Nate Diaz isn’t focused on his second-degree battery charge as much as he’s concentrated on promoting an upcoming fight against Jake Paul.

Another boxing celebrity match is underway, and what better way to promote it than to discuss the ongoing charge against Diaz, who choked out a Logan Paul (Jake’s brother) lookalike during a street brawl in Louisiana.

After Defeating Logan Paul Impersonator, Diaz Will Face Jake Paul

After leaving the Misfits Boxing 6 event to support his fellow fighter Chris Avila on Apr. 21, Diaz ran into YouTube personality and Logan impressionist Rodney Petersen. Amid a street brawl, Diaz and Petersen got tangled up. To no one’s surprise, Diaz did work on Petersen: easily choking him out and causing him to bash his head on the ground as Petersen timbered down.

Attending a fight promotion with Jake Paul, Nate Diaz joked about the incident on Bourbon Street. He claimed to have really thought the guy to be Logan Paul, thus choking him out.

“You’re going to act like that wasn’t Logan?” Nate told Jake Paul. “Come on, man!”

“You thought it was Logan?” Jake asked Diaz.

“It is Logan, what are you talking about?” Diaz jokingly responded.

As we’ve stated here before, putting a guy to sleep who lives on impersonating Logan Paul is certainly a laughing matter. But for Diaz, who turned himself in to New Orleans Police authorities on April 27, the crime may lead to time behind bars.

“You don’t want to just hit people out there,” Nate warned people at the press conference. “That’s f***ng dangerous. You know what I’m saying? Give him a little nap.”

Diaz’s lawyer claimed that he acted in self-defense. The MMA fighter was released from custody shortly after turning himself in. He posted a $10,000 bond.

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul will face off in a boxing bout Aug. 5, live from American Airlines Center in Dallas.

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