Isiah Pacheco Won’t Stop Dancing On Eagles’ Grave, Gives Away Flat Screen TV To Rutgers Students At Basketball Game

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Kansas City Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco may not ever stop dancing. The 23-year-old rookie started the party in the second half of the Super Bowl and only continues to rock.

Pacheco, who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft, quickly emerged as the primary ball-carrier in Kansas City en route to Super Bowl LVII. He finished with 76 yards and a crucial touchdown in the comeback win over Philadelphia and won a ring in his first year in the league.

The Eagles adopted Lil Uzi’s song ‘I Just Wanna Rock’ throughout the 2022 season and made it their own. After scoring on Philadelphia in the Super Bowl, Pacheco made it his own.

He then broke out his dance moves in the locker room immediately after the big game.

Pacheco has not stopped since.

As his teammates celebrated the Super Bowl win with a parade, most of them stayed on top of the busses as they drove around the streets of downtown. Not Pacheco.

He danced his way down the entire parade route!

Pacheco was busting a move everywhere he went.

And the party did not end when the buses came to a halt.

Eight days after celebrating with his teammates, Pacheco returned back to Rutgers (his alma mater) on Thursday night. The Scarlet Knights basketball team hosted Michigan and their former running back had the place turned up to 11.

At one point during the first half, Pacheco was tasked with giving out a flat screen TV to the student section. Seriously. That was a real thing that happened.

The Super Bowl champion casually strutted over to the student section with a TV in a box and picked a lucky student to go home with a brand new screen. Random, but awesome.

Meanwhile, over the loudspeakers, Uzi started to play. So Pacheco continued to rock!

There is not another player on the Chiefs having as much fun as Pacheco, at least publicly. He may never stop dancing!

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