Is This NC State Fan Chugging Mayo Disgusting Or Electric?

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We’ve officially reached the ‘Mayo chugging’ portion of the college football bowl season thanks to one brave soul in today’s showdown between Maryland and NC State.

Midway thought the first quarter of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl (of course), a Wolfpack fan decided to lay it all on the line one final time in 2022 and absolutely go to town on a full jar of mayo.

I’m talking full head tilt, a couple shakes, and BAM, a disgusting sphere of mayonnaise straight to the gullet.

What a country!

NC State fan destroys jar of mayo in Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Incredible. Disgusting, but incredible.

Don’t know that I’d have the nuts to pull this off, but you never know what’s gonna come over you in the heat of battle.

Now, to be fair, I’m not sure our guy here actually went through with it after all.

We have mayo being chugged at NC State game.
NC State fan crushes Duke’s Mayo during bowl game.

The video ends before we have proof, and it certainly looks like he’s about to launch it to the ground instead of swallowing it.

Pretty gross either way, but if you’re gonna go ahead and start the mayo chug, you might as well finish it.

In case you missed it, Duke’s Mayo launched a worldwide search for the next “Mayo Dumpers” last month after this debacle from last season.

It’s bad enough to sit there and take gallons of mayonnaise to the head, but then to have it hit you on the way down is just salt in the wound.

Can’t have that, obviously, so Duke’s let it be known that the two positions were open ahead of today’s game.

No idea how the search went or if they found anyone up to the task, but if they’re still searching for someone with three quarters to go, I’d suggest this NC State fan.

He certainly seems more than capable.

Written by Zach Dean

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