Is Bryan Kohberger Pappa Rodger, The Eerily Informed Idaho Murder Sleuth?

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A Facebook user by the alias “Pappa Rodger” posted several specific predictions about the Idaho murder case before the arrest of Bryan Kohberger on December 30. And per the probable cause affidavit, Pappa Rodger possesses near psychic abilities.

Rodger’s suspicions were so on point that former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffe believes Bryan Kohberger created the account.

Bryan Kohberger and Pappa Rodger.

Last week, Coffindaffer shared a screenshot from November 30 in which Pappa eerily predicted that the Idaho murderer left behind a sheath at the scene of the crime.

“I have followed #papparodger comments with intrigue. This comment was of particular interest after the release of the PCA. The comments just seem to hit home,” tweeted Coffindaffer.

Coffindaffer and online sleuths find it particularly ominous that the Facebook account would have mentioned the sheath so early in the investigation.

Consider that not a single expert or crime reporter mentioned the possibility of a sheath before December 30, the day of Kohberger’s arrest.

Police did not confirm until a month after the post that it was a knife sheath that contained Kohberger’s DNA that helped lead to his arrest.

Was it a coincidence that an anonymous Facebook assumed this accurate detail? Or did the account creator know something the public did not?

The latter is not the only possibility connecting Kohberger to the account.

See, Pappa Rodger has not posted on Facebook since Kohberger’s arrest. After frantically commenting on the case for over a month, that account vanished as police cuffed the suspect away.

“No one has heard from Pappa Rodger since the arrest,” said Kristine Cameron, the Facebook admin for the Idaho murder page on which Rodger posted.

“We removed Pappa Rodgers at 7:10 the evening before Bryan’s arrest. He created a group page and had 6 people in it,” she adds.

Moreover, Pappa Rodger predicted the precise time it took the killer to slay four victims. In mid-December, the account responded to a comment asking how long the assailant appeared in the home with the projection of “15 minutes.”

According to the affidavit, police say Kohberger’s white Hyundai Elantra drove into the area of the home at 4:04 am and left the scene at 4:20 a.m. — a mere 16-minute period.

Pappa Rodger also tried to debunk speculation that Kaylee Goncalves suffered more severe wounds than her roommates because she was the target of the attack, an idea her father acknowledged as a possibility. Per Pappa, Goncalve’s disparate wounds were the result of the knife dulling from the first target to the fourth.

“Could the knife be dull at that point and that is why the tearing that was described?” Rodger asked.

Adding to speculation, Bryan Kohberger is a Ph.D. student at Washington University studying criminology. His past Reddit posts suggest he was fascinated by the online discourse revolving around various murder scenes.

One could argue he went to college to learn how to commit a murder.

Ultimately, an anonymous Facebook user cracked the code before police revealed a single detail connected to the arrest — from the sheath at the scene to the timeframe of the murder, to the condition of the knife.

Pappa Rodger also just so happened to lose interest in posting his thoughts on the murder the day of Kohberger’s arrest.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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  1. The twitter files essentially say that the FBI had access to their accounts, so I’m sure Facebook is no different. Even still, a limited warrant may even be appropriate here. Take a look at the account info, IP addresses, associated emails, etc and see if this dude is the pappa.

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