Instagram Model Sommer Ray Turned Down $40 Million By Refusing To Join OnlyFans

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Sommer Ray is an Instagram model, influencer, and DJ with a massive following of almost 40 million across multiple platforms. Her brand is worth a ton of money and she’s not interested in adding to that by becoming an OnlyFans model.

This despite many people in her life urging her to do so and a post or two that hinted that she could be making the move. In fact, she claims to have turned down several millions of dollars taking some of her content behind a paywall.

Instagram Model Sommer Ray Turned Down $40 Million By Refusing To Join OnlyFans
Instagram model turns down millions by not joining OnlyFans (Image Credit: Sommer Ray/Instagram)

Ray was asked about OnlyFans during an appearance on YouTuber George Janko’s podcast. She says she hasn’t joined the exclusive content platform and has no plans to do so.

“In that time it was like, every single person in my life was coming to me and telling me, ‘Sommer, if you don’t start and OnlyFans, you’re stupid, you’re stupid,'” she said. “‘Like how could you not do that?'”

Ray doesn’t deny that she’s leaving money on the table. She put the number as high as $40 million that she’s leaving on the table.

“The money I could make would be insane,” she admitted. “Someone was saying, in that time with COVID… they said I could have made $40 million or something like that.”

It’s about more than money for Ray. She’s built a huge following as the ass girl and has worked hard to pivot into the sometimes ass girl. You know, where only some of her pics are booty-centric.

It hasn’t been easy, but she’s managed to pull it off. Now you have to do a little scrolling to see the content that put her on the map.

Sommer Ray Doesn’t Need Your Measly OnlyFans Money

“I’ve worked so hard to try to change my image, in the sense that, I’m not just the ass girl,” she explained.

“I’m not just that. I have so many layers. But if I do that, it puts me in that stigma of ‘OnlyFans girl.’ You know what I mean?”

Ray used a lot of words to say that she’s doing just fine without hopping on the exclusive content money train. And that she doesn’t need the money.

If she simply responded by saying “I don’t need the money” then she wouldn’t have been able to throw that $40 million figure out there. We’d all be left to guess about what kind of money she’s walking away from.

Written by Sean Joseph

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