Idiot Fan Jumps On Stage During Blink-182 Concert, It Ends Terribly For Him

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A tip to all concertgoers out there, even you, Blink-182 fans: Stop throwing stuff on stage, and absolutely never, ever jump on stage.

One Blink-182 fan found that out the hard way this past weekend after he was literally carried out by his arms and legs. This happened after he thought it would be funny to be the latest fan in an disturbing viral trend involving fans interrupting concerts.

As the newly reunited pop punk band was playing their hit song “Dammit” to wrap up their set, some guy jumped on stage and tried doing something before a security guard got to him.

But rather than realize that his short-lived fun was over and calmly walk off stage, this a-hole decided to fight back.

That didn’t work out too well for him, and another big ass security guard came and together they pretty much hogtied this guy and carried him out like a meth head being arrested during an episode of Cops.

Video of the incident was posted on Twitter by a fan from the show. What’s hilarious is that Blink’s guitarist, Tom Delonge, kind of looks over with a “WTF?” face before walking around and riffing on the guitar. Meanwhile, Travis Barker – who is one of the best living drums on the planet – continues to drum away while looking at the guy getting dragged off.

Something tells me because this guy fought back against security, there’s a good chance he went to jail, in a real-life scenario of Blink-182‘s poetic lyrics in their song “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas.” Within that song is where the song’s character ended up in jail and “a guy named Bubba unwrapped his package.”


The Blink incident is the most recent one involving fans (many of whom are drunk) thinking it’s funny to throw things at artists.

In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen Bebe Rexha need stitches after having a cell phone thrown at her, someone literally jumped on stage and attacked artist Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini got hit in the face with a fan’s beads and had to stop her show, and Harry Styles was also hit this weekend.

If that wasn’t enough, a few weeks ago you had a clearly normal person throw HIS MOM’S ASHES AT P!NK when she was performing. That incident left the Grammy Award winner to be like “uhm… I don’t want these.”

I realize fans have been throwing things on stage forever – roses, cards, sunglasses, etc. But somehow there is a new viral trend where fans think it’d be funny to be the one whose thrown object makes contact with the performer.

What they don’t realize is that it’s actually pissing bands and artists off so much that it’s only going to hurt everyone in the end. Soon, the artists won’t even being remotely accessible. And oh yeah, there’s a very good chance you could end up in jail – like the Bebe Rexha cell phone thrower did.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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