Wolverines Fans Melt Down After Hunter Dickinson Calls Michigan ‘Fake Midwest,’ Calls People From Kansas Nicer

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Hunter Dickinson may be the current villain of college basketball. The 22-year-old senior, who it feels like has been playing longer than Perry Ellis, ruffles a lot of feathers.

It all started during his sophomore year, when Dickinson carried around the Big Ten championship trophy to interviews at media day that fall. He later called Wisconsin “scumbags,” wore a ski mask to their next meeting, and may have stomped on a Badgers player.

Like him or not, Dickinson doesn’t care and embraces the role. His most recent comments are sure to ignite more hatred amongst his former fanbase.

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” — Hunter Dickinson, probably
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Dickinson played his first three seasons at Michigan and earned First-Team All-Big Ten honors in 2021 and 2023. However, after blossoming into a star with the Wolverines, the 7-footer decided to enter the transfer portal and later transferred to Kansas after flirting with Kentucky.

Name, Image and Likeness opportunties (read: money) was reportedly a big factor in his decision.

Since arriving in Lawrence, Dickinson has not been shy in saying what he thinks. That has always been the case and it was no different during a recent appearance on the Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast earlier this month.

He discussed the similarities and differences between Kansas and Ann Arbor and offered a generalized contrast.

I’d say it’s pretty similar to Ann Arbor, in a sense. Ann Arbor is probably a little bit bigger population wise. In terms of the city like the downtown kind of reminded me of like not a normal city, but gave me that feel. Obviously being from DC, it’s not the same. It’s a little bit more laid back. But I do like Lawrence. I mean it’s Lawrence, Kansas. It’s not Washington DC, but I kind of like it here. I like the slow pace, and kind of laid back feel.

— Hunter Dickinson, via Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast

And then the focus shifted.

Hunter Dickinson spoke to the people and fanbases in both cities.

The Wolverines did not get a lot of love in terms of their kindness. Dickinson said that the people of the Sunflower State are much nicer.

Going down Mass Street, it feels like this town has its own kind of culture and stuff like that. I’m super excited when students come back and the towns get bustling and stuff like that.

But just walking around, the people are super, super welcoming. Super nice. Definitely get those Midwest vibes.

I feel like at Michigan, they weren’t as nice. They were nice people but not as nice.

I feel like Michigan is like a fake Midwest. Kansas is actually like a Midwest town. I loved my time in Michigan, but the people here at Kansas are especially nice.

— Hunter Dickinson, via Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast

Whether Dickinson meant for what he said to anger the folks in Ann Arbor or not, they are not happy to hear his comments. To their credit, they largely downvoted the following comment:

via: The Michigan Insider of 247 Sports

Michigan fans were already angered by their former big man’s decision to leave, and now he is saying that they aren’t as nice as the people of Kansas. That didn’t go over well.

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