Did Hunter Dickinson Stomp On A Wisconsin Player?

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Video appears to show Michigan star Hunter Dickinson stomping on a Wisconsin player, but is that what actually happened?

Michigan pulled off a shocking overtime win over the Badgers this past Sunday, and now video is going viral that appears to show Dickinson stomping on Tyler Wahl.

The video shared by Dillon Graff currently has more than 300,000 views. It’s generating a ton of attention. Give it a watch below, and decide if you think Wahl was stomped on.

Hunter Dickinson might not have actually stomped on Wahl.

Even though Dickinson infamously called Wisconsin a team of scumbags, I’m actually going to defend him here.

He DID NOT stomp on Tyler Wahl as far as I can tell. When you watch the video, it 100% looks like he absolutely did.

At full speed, it looks like Dickinson not only stomped on Tyler Wahl, but looked down at him while doing it. It appeared very malicious. However, the tape slowed down tells a very different story.

When you slow down the footage, it actually shows Dickinson’s right foot – the one he appeared to stomp with – landed next to the Wah’s left hip/stomach

Did Hunter Dickinson stomp on Tyler Wahl this past Sunday? (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/DillonGraff/status/1630012700121001985)

Furthermore, he immediately falls forward. If he did attempt to stomp on Tyler Wahl, he failed miserably, and there is a chance that’s what might have happened.

He might have actually tried to hit him, but Wahl moving at the last second caused him to awkwardly plant his foot and fall. It’s impossible to say what Dickinson’s true intent was.

Did Hunter Dickinson stomp on Tyler Wahl? (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/DillonGraff/status/1630012700121001985)

Wisconsin fans and players would love nothing more than to be able to trash Hunter Dickinson. Again, this guy said the program was full of scumbags. He doesn’t really deserve the benefit of the doubt. However, as a Big J journalist, I’m required to hunt down the truth. The truth is the video doesn’t APPEAR (key word) to show him stomping on Wahl. It shows Hunter Dickinson just barely missing and then falling. If that was an accident or not remains a mystery.

Written by David Hookstead

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