Australian Britnee Chamberlin Proudly Displays Huge Jeffrey Dahmer Tattoo

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been dead for nearly 30 years. But Dahmer is very much alive on the leg of Australian woman Britnee Chamberlin, thanks to a huge tattoo.

Chamberlin has Dahmer’s mug inked onto her right leg – something she did more than a year ago. And now, with the recent release of Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer special, her tattoo’s gaining plenty of attention across social media. And Chamberlin seems to be eating it up.

“If I was worried about what others think, I wouldn’t be staying true to myself and living a life of authenticity,” Chamberlin told the Daily Star. “People are always going to have their own opinions but who is to say any of those opinions or choices are right or wrong?”

If that’s not the most millennial way of justifying ink of an admitted serial killer, I don’t know what is.

Britnee Chamberlin’s Jeffrey Dahmer Tattoo Comes With An Interesting Quote

“I can say that my favorite piece of the sleeve is the quote by Jeffrey Dahmer,” Chamberlin said. The hard-to-digest quote Chamberlin refers to is just above the ink of a smirking Dahmer: “If you don’t beat em, eat em.”

Not exactly Shakespearean, but to each their own.

Dahmer, mind you, admitted to drugging, raping, killing and eating 17 males between the late ’70s and early ’90s. Oh, he preferred to dismember these victims as well. One would assume that makes them easier to chew.

You hate to judge a book by its cover, but Britnee may not be the girl to bring home to mom or dad.

The 28-year-old Australian is admittedly captivated by serial killers (she also has ink of fictional killer Freddy Kruger). She doesn’t condone what they’ve done – proving she’s at least half sane. But she is interested in how and why they’ve deiced to feast on moo goo guy in a pan.

“I don’t condone the hostile crimes of serial killers by any means. I am simply intrigued as to why they do it.

“There are so many contributing factors such as socio-environmental, biological and psychological aspects that encourage or result in a criminal acting out in the way they do.”

Ahh yes, a voice of reason.

Providing A ‘Voice’ To Serial Killers

In an odd twist, Chamberlin who’s from Sydney, sees her Dahmer tattoo as somewhat of a voice for all serial killers. “They’re not given voices or outlets to speak up, reach out for help and or support before it’s too late,” said Chamberlin. “The way I have designed the sleeve is to deter glorification for artistic expression.”

I mean, WTF?

The Australian then added: “Thousands of people each year get fictional characters tattooed on them like Hannibal and Freddy Kreuger. They are all serial killers yet this portrayal is accepted as it’s not real – now riddle me that.”

Hold on. Is “riddle me this (or that),” back in vague?

Anyways, as Britnee sees it, her tats aren’t all that different than having your dead grandma’s initials inked on your bare chest. “Having these displayed on my body is solely for my own personal meaning, as is for someone who has a beloved pet, initials of a loved one or perhaps a silly joke tattooed on theirs.”

There’s plenty to debate here, but one thing you can’t argue is that this is a killer tattoo.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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