Dripped-Out Hue Jackson Poses With Maybach And Apologizes ‘To Nobody’ For ‘Setting SWAC Standard’ At Grambling

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Hue Jackson was named the head football coach at Grambling State University on December 10, 2021. He was tasked with reviving a program that had not won more than six games since 2017.

Although Jackson’s first season coaching on the collegiate level saw the Tigers go 3-8, he believes that his team is on the come-up. The 57-year-old, who previously went 8-8 as head coach of the Raiders in 2011 and 3-36-1 as head coach of the Browns in 2016, 2017 and 2018, recently said that Grambling will “set the standard in SWAC football.”

Grambling State head football coach Hue Jackson. (Image courtesy: GSU Athletics)

He also referenced Deion Sanders’ bold opening statement to players at Colorado and made it clear that things are different in north Louisiana. It was not a dig at Coach Prime, but a testament to the Tigers.

Rocking a gold jumpsuit, Jackson stood next to a Mercedes-Maybach SUV and various pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage. He apologized… to “absolutely nobody” for doing it how Grambling does it.

The Louis luggage was in direct reference to Sanders, which Jackson noted in his Instagram caption. Upon arrival in Boulder, Coach Prime told players to hit the portal if they were scared of competition because he was “bringing his [Louis Vuitton] luggage with him,” which meant that he was going to acquire top talent through the transfer portal.

Jackson said that he already has Louis luggage at Grambling. He has the talent necessary to win and wants to add more through the recruiting process.

That is where Hue Jackson’s Instagram video comes into play.

In today’s modern era, visual media plays a larger role in recruiting than ever before. Lane Kiffin posed with his Aston Martin, Nick Saban chauffeured recruits in a Mercedes, and Sanders broke out the luxury whips at Colorado.

Jackson got in on the trend over the weekend with the Maybach. He also showed off his custom Range Rover and tied it back to Grambling football history.

In addition, Jackson got in on the 360° camera trend with a very specific soundbite.

“You cant help it that you poppin’ and they stoppin’ — that’s a them problem!”

Jackson, in his second season as head coach at Grambling, is trying to bring the Tigers back to what they once were. That starts with recruiting— and to recruit is to relate.

In turn, he asks: #WHYNOTGRAMBLING?

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