Howard Stern Outraged Over Lauren Boebert’s Dress

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Howard Stern recently announced he has, again, put himself in lockdown to evade the new wave of Covid-19. He plans to remain low until the variant subsides to his liking.

Stern spent the weekend at home and came across the security footage of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert at a Beetlejuice musical while vaping, singing and groping her date on Sept. 10. The venue had Boebert removed for causing a disruption.

The video disgusted Stern, he claims. He is appalled. He wants something done about it. And to Boebert.

“Lauren Boebert is a disgrace to this country,” began Stern.

Howard didn’t appreciate Boebert’s outfit, either:

“She’s in a titty dress. She’s with some dude. Looks like she’s obviously vaping, but also looks like she might be grabbing his penis.”

Perhaps Boebert should try wearing basketball shorts and a hoodie?

“She’s a liar,” concludes Howard.

He says his issues with Boebert are regardless of his politics. He claims the way she conducts herself upsets him.


Howard Stern, whose original show heavily featured interviews with strippers about their sex lives and favorite sex positions, is bothered by an attractive woman in Washington wearing a revealing dress.

Got that?

He used to ask women on set if they were wearing panties. And if so, if he could take a peek:

Howard Stern, who used to use the n-word and wear blackface, says Boebert is a “disgrace.”

Once, Stern reportedly threatened to rape a male DJ while tasting his dead mother’s saliva. (Read more about that here).

Stern is a fraud.

If AOC wore the same dress, he would celebrate the video and call her critics misogynists.

He has not been the same since Donald Trump took office in 2015. His condition worsened during Covid in 2020.

Remember, the New York Post reported last October that Stern dined out with friends for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Now, he’s locked down again. And fuming at Lauren Boebert.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Stern legitimately deserves anything bad one can imagine happening to someone. He clearly sees an opportunity to be the Stern of old, but only because Boebert is a populist right-winger. He knows the feminazis won’t say a damn thing to his, by their definition, misogyny.

  2. He’s in lockdown again? Good! Now he should go dark and spare us his inane ranting. Howard is a creep, insane and a coward. I’d love to never see or hear from him again. I hope he wallows in misery the rest of his life.

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