Houston Coach Dana Holgorsen Doesn’t Plan On Filling Major Coordinator Opening

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Houston football coach Dana Holgorsen has a bold staffing strategy for the 2023 season.

The Cougars went 8-5 last season, and things were chaotic at points during the season to say the least. UH fans expected a lot better after facing lofty expectations to open the season, but Holgorsen and the team just couldn’t get things firing on all cylinders.

Well, he’s now going to seemingly run the offense himself in 2023. Holgorsen won’t replace former OC Shannon Dawson after he left for Miami, according to Mark Berman.

That means Dana Holgorsen will be on the hook if the offense stumbles or struggles this upcoming season, which is also the program’s first in the Big 12.

This is a bold move from Dana Holgorsen.

To be clear, Dana Holgorsen is known for having a very solid offensive mind. It’s what he’s known for, and he’s been a part of some explosive offensives over the years.

He was an assistant at Texas Tech when the Red Raiders were dominating defenses under Mike Leach. Holgorsen also put up big numbers at times while he was the head coach at West Virginia.

The man definitely doesn’t struggle when it comes to understanding what offenses are needed in order to roll college defenses.

Houston coach Dana Holgorsen won’t hire a new OC. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

However, not hiring an OC is a bit of a risky move. If things go sideways, there’s nobody that can be hung to dry other than yourself. There’s nobody to blame. It will all fall on Holgorsen’s shoulders. He’s 27-20 through four seasons with the Cougars.

The veteran college coach is definitely not at risk of losing his job, but after a disappointing 8-5 season, fans expect better as soon as week one gets here. If the team fails, guess who will take all the blame at this point? Dana Holgorsen.

It should be interesting to see how this works out. Leaving coordinator roles open doesn’t historically end well, but Holgorsen is an offensive expert. For his sake, he better make sure it goes well. If the Cougars really struggle, the head coach of the Cougars might start feeling his seat getting a little warm.

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