Upcoming ‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode Looks Like An Absolute Killfest

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Two episodes of “House of the Dragon” are done, and it looks like the new one this Sunday will keep the momentum high.

In episode two of the hit HBO series, viewers got an introduction to Craghas Drahar, who is better known as Crabfeeder. It appears he’s going to be a major problem in “House of the Dragon” as he holds the potential to wreak havoc on the waters and destroy shipping commerce.

When does the new “House of the Dragon” episode air? (Credit: HBO)

The people in charge, especially Lord Corlys, can’t tolerate anyone who represents a massive threat to Westeros.

Judging from the preview for episode three, it’s going to be an absolute killfest as battle rages between the Crabfeeder and those out to stop him.

Obviously, there’s plenty in the preview for episode three to indicate Princess Rhaenyra is not happy with her father marrying Alicent Hightower.

That’s evident to anyone with eyes who watched episode two and was paying attention. Upon hearing the news, she stormed out of the meeting.

Now, in the preview for the episode this Sunday, we know tensions will only further escalate.

New “House of the Dragon” preview for episode three promises lots of violence. (Credit: HBO)

However, as a viewer without any knowledge of the back story, I think it’s fair to say Crabfeeder is what demands my attention.

Look at how menacing, sinister and downright scary the dude looks. He has people being eaten by crabs. Is there any more terrifying way to die? I’m not so sure, and that’s the kind of vibe and energy that makes “House of the Dragon” just like “Game of Thrones” before it.

Who is Crabfeeder? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzCrFWjKPy8)

We’ll see how it all shakes out Sunday night on HBO. Episode three should be absolutely electric.

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