Disturbing Photos Show NBA Player Passed Out With A Gun Before DWI Arrest

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A pair of photos paint a very disturbing scene of James Bouknight’s arrest.

The Charlotte Hornets guard was arrested on a DWI charge Sunday after allegedly being found passed out at the wheel of his vehicle in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Now, two photos show just how bad the situation was.

In photos shared by TMZ, a Glock can be seen on Bouknight’s lap, and he appears to be passed out cold in one of them.

James Bouknight arrested on a DWI charge. (Credit: TMZ)

While Bouknight was booked on a DWI charge, it’s important to note he wasn’t driving at the time authorities made contact with him.

He was allegedly stationary and asleep at the wheel while blocking a parking garage, according to TMZ. Police arrived after security couldn’t get him up and awake.

Charlotte Hornets player James Bouknight arrested on a DWI charge. (Credit: TMZ)

This also isn’t the first time Bouknight has been in trouble with traffic laws. In 2019 while in college, he allegedly fled from the scene of a crash and was cited in 2021 for doing 107 in a 65-mph zone.

That means he’s had at least three substantial traffic situations in just the past few years.

As a general rule in life, mixing firearms and alcohol is always a bad idea. Consuming substances and hopping behind the wheel is also always a terrible idea, even if you’re not actively driving. Hopefully, the Hornets and the league handle the situation in an appropriate manner.

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