Hooters Girl Sloan Miavitz: Trust Me, Millennials Are ‘Still Into Boobs’

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Hooters superstar Sloan Miavitz is fed up with the trolls on social media who are claiming the breastaurant is closing down and rebranding because Millennials aren’t into boobs.

Sloan and her fellow Hooters Girls took to social media late Wednesday to squash those nasty #fakenews rumors once and for all.

“New study shows that Millennials are 100% still into boobs and Hooters is thriving,” Sloan wrote on Instagram. Fellow Hooters girls quickly chimed in to show their support not only for the brand but for the Millennials who still appreciate a top-notch rack.

“LMFAOOOOOO. I’m so here for this,” Madison Novo, who was named Miss Hooters International 2022, cheered.

“HAHAHAH 💯,” Hooters legend Karlie Collins wrote.

Even the Hooters main Instagram account chimed in to say they’re not going anywhere or rebranding.

“Here to stayyyyy 👏,” the social media team added.

via Sloan Miavitz / Instagram Story

Hooters Girl Sloan isn’t just some random Hooters Girl slinging wings and Bud Light drafts on UFC nights. We’re talking about Miss May 2023. We’re talking about one of the Hooters Girls who is called upon to visit NASCAR races for the brand.

If Sloan is saying this whole thing about Millennials and boobs is #fakenews, then it’s #fakenews.

via Sloan Miavitz / Instagram Story

Do you still believe a troll social media account over Sloan?

A Hooters spokesperson told the Associated Press, “There is no validity to this story. Guests are enjoying this week’s televised sports events at our restaurants across the country and around the world in record numbers, accompanied by craveable menu items, cold beer and iconic hospitality. Our concept is here to stay.”

You’re damn right they are.

Now is the time for Millennials to fight back and prove that they appreciate boobs, cold beer and America. If there’s not a Hooters near you, head over to Twin Peaks and support those ladies. Don’t have either? Go to a strip club and order up a dance from Kandi.

It’s going to take all of us red-blooded Americans to keep the American spirit alive. Gather your buddies. Go order the tallest draft beers Hooters serves. Suck ’em down and order another.

Have fun, America.

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