Holly Sonders Receives Heartfelt ‘Whacking Off’ Message From Boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya Over Her Golf Channel Days

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Ahh, the memories!

Former OutKick contributor and friend of the site, Holly Sonders, fired up Instagram this week to take a look back at how much her life, and the influencer world, has changed since May 2013 when the ex-Golf Channel superstar became the first non-LPGA pro to grace the magazine’s cover.

There’s no debate about it, Holly Sonders was Paige Spiranac before Paige Spiranac even sniffed the influencing world. Holly was the OG World’s No. 1 Ranked Golf Influencer.

And her current boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya remembers those days real well. Too well.

The horndog jumped on Holly’s latest Instagram offering to share his memories of her Golf Channel days.

“I remember whacking off when you would come on the air and then go tee off and shoot a 90 because my legs were weak,” the former boxing world champion wrote lovingly to his girlfriend.

What a memory, Oscar.

“Thanks for sharing, dream man. Lol,” Holly fired back.

To put this in perspective, Oscar was a 9 handicap in 1996 after just two years of playing golf. In 2009, he was an 8 handicap. An 8 handicap would typically shoot between 81 and 85. That’s right, Oscar is saying just the sight of Holly on Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” would cause him to lose at least 5-9 strokes to the boys.

And while Holly has tried to keep her distance from golf and the past she left behind when she chose the social media life over early morning doing TV for little pay — two years ago she was making 20-times what she was making on TV — Oscar asked a big favor in December.

He’s jonesing for those Golf Channel days.

“Oscar asked me to start playing the game seriously again. How low do you think I can get my handicap with some practice?” Holly wrote in late December.

It sounds like these two will soon be hitting the links, but not until Holly’s new boobs heal up.

Hang tight, Oscar.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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