Hockey Fan Arrested After Biting Off Person’s Finger During Crowd Fight

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One person has been arrested after video of a massive fight at the Arizona Coyotes vs. Boston Bruins game on Saturday went viral.

OutKick’s Sean Jospeh previously broke down the melee which involved both men and women and plenty of suds being tossed around.

And now, more details have emerged.

The assailant allegedly bit off someone else’s finger during the massive fight that happened in the stands during the game, according to Arizona State Police.


Arizona State Police also reported that the man has now been arrested for suspicion of aggravated assault. One injured person was transported to the hospital. ASU police confirm that a Phoenix police officer was also inured during the scuffle, although it’s unclear the severity.

Five other people involved in the brawl were cited for disorderly conduct and then released.

Hockey fan was arrested after a brawl during the Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins game. (Image: Twitter Video)


The 50-second video has already racked up millions of views.

Many times “fan fights” are just a couple drunk people stumbling or shoving each other and maybe grabbing one another’s shirt.

Not this one.

This fight has EVERYTHING. Punches being thrown, haymakers, people being thrown over rows of seats, one cop catapulting himself and taking out a dude. True madness.


It’s unclear if further charges will be brought up on any of the fans in the video.

I always wonder what happens after these type of things take place. Like when the assailant goes on his next job interview and the boss is like, “So it says you were arrested in 2022 for some sort of assault, care to elaborate?”

How awkward is it when the guy has to explain the arrest? “Oh I got hammered and got into a fight at an NHL hockey game and bit someone’s finger off.” Like what?!

The game continued while the fight was occurring. The Coyotes ended up winning 4-3.

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