Wild Brawl Busts Out In Stands During Bruins-Coyotes Game; Police Officer Goes Full Send Into Melee To Break It Up

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There was plenty of action at the Mullet Arena in Arizona on Friday night. The Boston Bruins were in town to take on the hometown Coyotes. The game saw seven goals and at least one wild brawl in the stands. The Coyotes won the game 4-3. There were no clear winners of the fight.

Several Bruins and Coyotes fans were caught on camera going at it. There are a good 10 fans, both men and women, going nuts. Drinks are thrown, people are pushing and shoving each other, and a select few are throwing absolute haymakers.

Bruins-Coyotes Wild Brawl
Bruins and Coyotes fans brawling (Image Credit: Twitter)

There’s so much going on that you have to watch the viral clip multiple times just to catch some of the action. Other than the guys trading bombs, there are few other things worth pointing out.

There’s more than one person who ends up relocating several rows of seats away from where they started. The fight has a police officer, who shows up early to the action in the foreground, and does almost nothing to break things up.

There’s a woman that unfortunately gets caught with a devastating right-hand. The fight comes to an end quickly after a psycho officer dives headfirst into the middle of the brawl. Check the wild scene out.

The Occasional Wild Brawl Keeps You On Your Toes

You can’t get through a season in any major sport nowadays without a couple of these kinds of brawls taking place

When people rooting for opposing teams come together, and a little alcohol get sprinkled in, it doesn’t take much for a brawl to jump off. People are looking for excuses to throw down.

Written by Sean Joseph

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