Terrifying Video Shows Winter Weather Conditions In Wyoming

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America is getting hammered by brutal winter weather, and one video shows the terrible conditions in Wyoming.

A viral video shared late Wednesday night shows a Wyoming High Patrol officer’s view in -18 degree temperatures and insane snow.

The wind was so strong in the video that it caused there to be absolutely no visibility at all.

Winter weather is impacting America all over the place.

The country right now is having some brutal winter weather conditions and elements rip across large chunks of the nation.

The midwest is getting hammered, Wyoming obviously got beaten down and temps will drop into the single digits in traditionally warm areas like Nashville.

Below is a radar screenshot of the massive snow wall that goes from the UP of Michigan all the way down to Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Rough weather conditions are hammering the country. (Credit: Weather Radar Screenshot/Weather.com)

While a bit of snow can be fun, this situation is quickly spiraling out of control. There’s nothing really fun or funny about the weather descending down on people.

Imagine needing help, and the video above is what cops have to drive through to get to you. Good luck, folks. Good luck getting anyone to you.

Video shows terrible weather conditions in Wyoming. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/spann/status/1605764068479860736)

Hopefully, the winter conditions break at some point and don’t get as bad as expected. Stay safe, stay warm and don’t attempt to travel through rough conditions if you don’t have to do it. Nothing is worth risking your safety. Stay home and enjoy some more OutKick content with the family!

Written by David Hookstead

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