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‘I can’t see the IGs’

I’ve heard from many of you over the last 15 days or more. Last week I made myself phyically ill trying to figure out a solution for the “I can’t see the IGs.”

Here’s what the site developers and I have come up with based on the complaints coming in and the information we’re receiving.

  1. Use the OutKick homepage to click on Screencaps. There’s a very good chance IGs won’t load via a Twitter link for iPhone users. It’s working for some, not for others.
  2. The homepage link has been the key solution for many.
  3. On the mobile OutKick homepage, you’ll see “Screencaps.” Click. The post sits in the 3rd spot until 2-3 p.m. ET most days. If you check later than that, just scroll down the homepage. There’s a very specific spot for the most current editiion of Screencaps.
  4. Make sure your iPhone software is up-to-date.
  5. Facebook links should load the IGs.

Other than that, I’m done stressing out. It’s a topic above my pay grade, but trust me, I’ve poured hours into solutions. I’ve fieled requests from approximately 50 people who’ve asked for solutions.

I hope this helps many of you. If not, save the emails until after New Years. Let me catch my breath.

Let’s check in with our Screencaps friends in northwestern North Dakota who know how to survive in crazy cold temperatures

The readers have been asking, so I sent out a search team for the Crosby, ND Screencaps readers to see how they’re doing as a winter Bomb Cyclone threatens like 200 million Americans. If you’re ever in a debate over where the heartiest of the hearty Americans live, pull up Crosby, ND on a map and feel free to show your opponent this outpost where minus-45 windchills are a regular Wednesday in the winter.

• Dillon L. writes:

Hey Joe thanks for asking.  I took a screenshot of my weather app when I opened the email, it was coldest Tuesday when I went to work it said -28 on my pickup. The wind is picking up and is likely going to change some of our travel plans tomorrow. We had school cancelled last week because there was about a foot of snow and blowing winds. I put in a picture of my pickup parked at our place for snow reference.  Tomorrow has a balmy high of -8 and 20+ mph winds. 

How to get that grill up to temp. when it’s so damn cold out

• Wyn in Colorado loves this topic. He writes:

Well, like the rest of the country, it’s freaking frigid outside. I knew I was making Philly Cheesesteaks on the Evo tonight regardless of temperature. Ironic that the “what temp/grilling” conversation has marinated into SCs over the past couple days. 

Here’s my take: grill in whatever temps you’re willing to clean up in afterwards. Unless you’ve got something old that won’t hold a proper temp, you’ll be able to grill or smoke, it just might take a little longer. Cooking meat is about getting to the proper temp anyway. 

(Hell, as I type this out I’m watching Frosty the Snowman and the blue box home improvement store just advertised for an expensive grill).

Thankfully most grilling/smoking methods require little cleanup. One thing I do appreciate about the cold temps is they cooled down the Evo so quickly that the cover was back on before it started snowing. 

Any lies detected here?

Ladies, contrary to what you thought when you started dating us, we can’t do it all. We can’t keep the smoker up to temp and get the gifts wrapped like a professional. There’s only so much time in the day.

Let’s hear it for Jay Mohr hitting the NBA old money lottery this week

I saw the name Jay Mohr pop up Wednesday and I had to do a double-take because I hadn’t heard from Mohr in what feels like a decade. Jay, 52, used to be a big star on the Super Bowl Radio Row circuit and then apparently he just disappeared off the face of the pop culture comedy earth.

Now it turns out he’s marrying Jeanie Buss who has a net worth estimated by the Internet net worth sites to be in the half-billion range. Good for Jay marrying into money. The guy really won’t GAF now.

He might as well join the TNML and be a league vice president or something like that to keep him busy.

Why would the NFL do a Ticket deal with YouTube TV?

Here’s a glimpse into your answer. The times are changin’ and the NFL researchers clearly have similar data and according to multiple outlets, the NFL will do a deal for $2.5 billion yearly to connect its Sunday Ticket product to YouTubeTV’s subscription base.

Perrysburg, OH transplant returns home

• Ron L. writes:

We made the trek from Newnan, GA to Perrysburg yesterday, and while people in GA are getting ready for this cold front to move in, I see Perrysburg residents not blink an eye. 

Just kinda hit me different living in GA the last 20+ years.  People in the south get all worked up while northerners just seem to shrug it off.  I forgot about that.  

Well, Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all of Screencap family.


Unless you follow the local weather guys. We’re talking full bore weather propaganda spinning brains into pretzels with their storm hype. I will put the storm hype around here up against any storm hype cities in the United States. There are easily more social media weather updates here per 24 hours from these guys than anywhere else in the U.S. Hands down. Debate over.

I tried to find weather reports out of Dayton, where I’m supposed to be driving to, and the CBS affiliate — WHIO — didn’t have a single Facebook weather hype report on Wednesday. Here in NW Ohio…there were like 50.

We even have weather personalities like “Blizzard” Bill who has been retired from local TV for approximately a decade who pumps out 7-8 Facebook updates per day. It’s flat out craziness around here. Year ago, Blizzard Bill went on a memorable Facebook rant where he told the trolls they couldn’t “handle THE TRUTH” about his reports and now he uses “TRUTH” in most of his updates.

And now my local text group rarely lets a Blizzard post pass by without some sort of troll attempt. It’s how we pass the time in the winter.

Blizzard Bill before retirement.

The weather around here is so good for the TV stations that many have eliminated positions in their news reporting and sports departments while hiring in their weather departments. I’m pretty sure the CBS affiliate has five weather people who appear on TV. Sometimes they’ll do segments where one guy will throw it to another weather guy like they’re working Sunday NFL pregame shows.

Meanwhile, the sports departments are provided with approximately 2 1/2 minutes of time during the 6 & 11 slots. The ABC affiliate eliminated it’s in-house sports department and hired a local cable company to do the sports. Sometimes they don’t even bother with sports at all. The NBC affiliate, which broadcasts out of South Bend, doesn’t even do sports. I don’t think they even mess with Friday night football shows.

Good times.

Christmas menu

• Brian J. in Knoxville, TN writes:

For Christmas my family has usually done non-traditional holiday meals. It was passed down from my mom years ago. We all do the turkey at Thanksgiving, the burgers & dogs on the Fourth, the ham at Easter, and I usually do a smoked pork butt on Labor day. All of these would not be a shock to others you invite into your home for one of these holidays, correct?

In the past on Christmas I’ve done Swedish meatballs, steaks, spaghetti, chili, some chicken parm, and more. It’s all homemade and a nice hearty family meal. This year we are doing lasagna. My brother’s in-laws have been invited for the first time and gave a less than enthusiastic response when told it was the main entree. They seem to be disappointed there’s no turkey or ham. It caused some drama as my brother’s MIL was shocked at the menu. Apparently there was desire by her to try and modify the menu. They have to do zero work, just show up and eat some fresh lasagna from a recipe passed down from grandma. I can’t un-invite them. I almost want to switch it and make some chinese food and turn on “A Christmas Story” on the TV on the continuous loop it will probably play on and hide the remote. 

Is there a traditional Christmas meal expectation? Have I been doing family Christmas wrong the past 20+ years? 


I guess some people are pre-programmed to just expect ham on Christmas. You wouldn’t catch me bitching if a pile of lasagna was in my face. The problem, as I see it, is that people have some magical ideal of holidays in their heads and it turns them into crazed maniacs who then crash in January and go into a depressive state of mind. Meanwhile, those of us who love a plate of lasagna wake up in January and life is great.

Do your best to be a “Christmas lasagna is great” type of person.

Or tell them to bring their own ham. Problem solved.

TNML in Avignon, France

• Mike T. writes:

City of walls — built in the 14th century:

And another shot from Avignon, France:

Just like that, we’re off and running on December 22. Good luck to all of you dealing with the Bomb Cyclone. Get those grocery shopping trips done before the temps drop 60 degrees in 15 minutes.

Go have yourself a big day.

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