Here’s The Latest Installment in Chess’ Bizarre Rivalry And Cheating Saga

Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen completed one move and then quit a rematch with American grandmaster Hans Niemann.

This comes as bizarre — and by that, I mean really bizarre — cheating accusations continue to swirl around Niemann.

Folks, we’re in the midst of the hottest drama to hit the chess world since the Queen’s Gambit made everyone super into chess for about a week and a half.

Niemann, 19, is one of the biggest up-and-coming names in chess. He was responsible for snapping Carlsen’s 53-game win streak.

However, Niemann was accused of cheating, by allegedly using remote-controlled anal beads so that someone could let him know whether or not to make certain moves.

There’s no need to go back and reread that previous sentence. It says exactly what you thought it said.

After losing to Niemann, Carlsen raised eyebrows when he withdrew from a tournament that Niemann was also playing, but never explained the reason why.

The two were gearing up for an online rematch when Carlsen took the ball and went home.

The decision to bow out of the match stunned the commentators.

“This is unprecedented. I just, I can’t believe it. Did that just happen, Peter?” commentator Tania Sachde asked her co-commentator, Peter Leko.

“Magnus just refusing to play against Hans. He will play the tournament, but he is saying I will not play the game against him. That’s making a very big statement,” she said.

Who knows where this saga is headed, but there’s not a chance that this is the end of the Niemann-Carlsen beef.

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  1. I was once ranked high enough to be in the top 50 of my state in chess. I can tell you this about ALL high-level chess players: they are bat-shit crazy and egotistical as hell. They make hat ex-girlfriend seem “reasonable.” They would love nothing more than to create some drama, even if it means losing a match or 2 (they think they will win the other matches, so tossing one doesn’t matter). It’s a weird bunch of people – amazingly intelligent, but can’t find their shoes with a map, a compass and a flashlight… So for all of you “sports-fans” who think cyclists are the craziest, most-egotistical, nut-jobs on the planet (I had the privilege of trying out that sport for a decade, as well), guess again — it’s the chess-boys (BTW, it’a co-ed sport; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions) who take the cake, cheese and anal beads in the realm of nut-house competitors!

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