Chess Player Hans Niemann – Accused Of Using Anal Beads To Cheat – Sues Champion Magnus Carlsen Over Accusations

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The Hans Niemann chess cheating scandal continues to evolve, and now, it appears things are headed to court. The American – accused of using anal beads to cheat – is suing his accuser, champion Magnus Carlsen.

Niemann upset Carlsen, a five-time World Chess Champion, at the Sinquefield Cup earlier this year. Following the defeat, Carlsen publically floated the idea that Niemann cheated by using vibrating anal beads. An internal investigation later alleged that Niemann may have cheated as many as 100 times.

The initial story gained so much publicity that Elon Musk even tweeted about it.

Niemann is now seeking $100 million in damages from Carlsen, his company Play Magnus Group, Danny Rensch of, and American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. He is accusing the defendants of slander, libel, and colluding to destroy his reputation. elected to ban Niemann from its Global Championship in Toronto and its website.

After initial accusations, Niemann received a full body scan at the U.S. Championships and was found to be clean.

Two weeks after Hans Niemann’s upset win over Magnus Carlsen, the two met again in an online tournament. Carlsen resigned from the match after just one move. He shared a statement saying he would “not play against people that have cheated repeatedly in the past.”

Niemann reportedly admitted to cheating on in the past. He said that he was between the ages of 12 and 16 but continues to deny these latest allegations. Claiming he’d “play naked” if they need him to.

Written by Mark Harris

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