Hannah White Celebrates 21st Birthday In A Bikini

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Hannah White was vibing for her 21st birthday.

The former Cleveland State basketball player turned Instagram content machine might not be lighting it up on the court anymore, but she’s definitely become a legit star online.

Turns out, she only just turned 21 earlier in the week, and how did she celebrate? Well, the only way that would make sense.

Bikini-clad in the sun and then with a nice dinner.

Hannah White goes viral with 21st birthday celebration.

For those of you who might not be too familiar with Hannah White’s content, she used to be a college basketball player for Cleveland State.

However, it doesn’t appear she’s been on the team for sometime, despite what some sites claim, and she didn’t exactly light it up.

It seems she took a look at the options in front of her, and decided the internet and content game was where she could do her best work.

Former Cleveland State basketball player Hannah White is now a star online. She has a large Instagram following, and celebrated her 21st birthday in a bikini. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Now, Hannah White has a growing profile online and nearly 125,000 followers on Instagram. She’s not anywhere near the fame of Olivia Dunne or some other notable women like the Cavinder Twins, but she’s definitely blazing her own trail.

She’s also never been afraid to push the limits. It’s kind of how she’s built her following, and it’s a formula that has worked for a lot of other women.

She’s been on one hell of a run for some time at this point, and with her 21st birthday celebration under her belt, it definitely seems like Hannah White doesn’t plan on slowing down.

If anything, she plans on only elevating her content game over the summer months.

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