Hacky German Protestors Throw Mashed Potatoes On Monet Painting

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Environmental protestors should start drilling for some fresh ideas…

A pair of them threw mashed potatoes on a $110 million Monet painting and then glued their hands to the wall.

If you’re getting a sense of deja vu it’s warranted. Just last week, English protestors through soup on a van Gogh painting.

This time it happened in Germany, the home to the Autobahn, bratwurst, and the villains of multiple World Wars.

Do you know what Germany apparently isn’t home to, however?

Creative protestors.

Thankfully there were subtitles, otherwise, I wouldn’t know the difference between her eco-centric diatribe and the lyrics to a Rammstein song.

People are freezing, people are freezing, people are dying,” one of the protestors begins. “We are in a climate catastrophe.”

If you can make it through her entire spiel, you’ll notice she only changes a few words from what those other morons said last week.

There’s not an iota of creativity to be found here. It’s complete and utter hack-tivism (not the computer kind).

Are protesters really running this thin on ideas? The whole throw food on a painting thing is as played out as airplane jokes were in 1980s comedy clubs. It’s completely hacky.

If this doesn’t prove that folks like these two are doing these ridiculous protests for self-indulgent attention, then I don’t know what does.

They were so anxious to see their faces in articles (I know, I know; like this one) that they couldn’t even be bothered to put in one ounce of creative energy,

They could’ve done anything else and it would’ve been more creative on their part. Instead, we get the public protest version of a Mad Lib.

Replace van Gogh with Monet, soup with mashed potatoes, and England with Germany.

All they did was swap out a few nouns, now these people expect others to follow their lead in changing the world?!

If they can’t come up with a creative protest how do they expect to help nations navigate energy or economic crises?

“Uh… we could all ride bikes and reusable straws?”

Great call. Thank you for that, fräulein. Glad you thought outside the box for once…

Stay tuned, because at this rate we’ll have some Canadians who throwing some poutine on a Manet. They won’t even bother to change more than one letter in the artist’s name!

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