Groom Reveals, After Going Through With Wedding, That His Bride Had Cheated With The Best Man

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A man who found out that his bride-to-be had cheated on him decided to go through with the wedding anyway. But he wasn’t tying the knot to work through things with his bride. This man had the ultimate revenge planned out for his new bride.

According to the Unfiltered Bride podcast, which is hosted by a couple of Gloucestershire wedding planners, the groom went through with the wedding in order to reveal that his bride had cheated with the best man. He did so in an incredibly way.

Groom Reveals, After Going Through With Wedding, That His Bride Had Cheated With The Best Man
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Georgina, one of the podcast’s hosts, said that the unnamed bride and groom got married in a lovely ceremony. They had drinks at the reception that followed and enjoyed a wedding breakfast.

After everyone had eaten their food it was time for the speeches and the fireworks. The father of the bride did his thing before the groom stood up and turned the entire wedding on its head.

The podcast host said that the groom started off by saying, “Just before I like properly get started, there’s envelopes coming round now, if you could all open them up.”

The groom then says after the envelops are handed out and opened, “Yeah, those are pictures of the bride f*cking the best man, so I’ll be leaving now.”

After the revelation the groom dropped the microphone. He and his family then left the reception.

The groom’s family was apparently aware of the plot twist ahead of time. The groom wanted the bride’s family to have to pay for the entire wedding for a marriage that lasted only a few hours.

This Was The Wrong Groom To Cross

That’s how you pull off some revenge right there. Assuming, of course, you’re able to control yourself in order to do so.

That’s not a given by any means. If the best man wasn’t part of some scheme to test the bride-to-be out prior to the wedding, it would be difficult to be in the same room with the two of them.

However, leaving the bride’s family with the bill, and nothing but humiliation to show for it, is well worth it.

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