Wedding Videographer Catches Best Man Fawning Over Bridesmaid’s Breasts

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Everyone has that friend who will do and say anything at any time. When that friend is your best man you better keep him far away from anything that will amplify what might come out of his mouth.

A groom recently learned this the hard way at his own wedding. He was standing right next to his best man – with no filter – while wearing a microphone. As one of the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle the best man couldn’t help but comment on her breasts.

Busty Bridesmaid's Breasts
Bridesmaid walking down the aisle (Image Credit: Chiola Films/TikTok)

The best man is heard saying, “oh yeah” as the well-endowed blonde makes her way into position. The groom and other groomsman who heard the comment start laughing.

The best man then adds, rather loudly, “zoom in on those.” The obvious reference to the bridesmaid’s breasts was caught on the groom’s hot mic and was much louder than his original comment.

As the groom realizes he’s wearing a microphone he shushes his best man. The best man replies by asking, “was I loud?”

The groom responds to the question, “Yeah, are you fucking dumb, dude?”

The groom then tries to earn some points with whomever might be on the other end of the microphone by calling his best man an asshole and an idiot. He points out that he’s mic’d up while reprimanding his friend.

The viral video has been viewed more than 11 million times.

Nobody To Blame But The Groom

You can’t blame the best man for this one. This is all the groom’s fault. He knows this guy is the friend who’s going to say and do anything. Putting him that close to a hot mic is playing with fire.

If he didn’t want him saying anything that might offend people, he shouldn’t have had him anywhere near a microphone. Turn the microphones off, or have the best man stand at the end of the groomsman, until the ceremony starts.

The groom’s first instinct was to laugh, so he wasn’t at all offended by what his best man said. Nor should he have been. Was it a comment you want broadcast to everyone at the wedding? No, but at the end of the day it was a harmless joke.

Written by Sean Joseph

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