Groom Caught Being Breastfed By His Mother On Wedding Day

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How long is too long when it comes to a mother breastfeeding their child? I’m not a doctor, so I couldn’t tell you. But I’m going to guess it’s much sooner than the child’s wedding day.

According to wedding planner Georgie Mitchell, a make-up artist friend of hers worked a wedding where the bride walked in on her groom being breastfed by his mother on their wedding day.

Mitchell told the story on a recent episode of her podcast The Unfiltered Bride, which she co-hosts with fellow wedding industry expert Beth Smith.

Groom Caught Being Breastfed By His Mother On Wedding Day
Groom caught by bride being breastfed by his mom (Image Credit: The Unfiltered Bride/TikTok)

Mitchell says her make-up artist friend she calls Jenny told her the crazy story shortly after it happened. She said, “Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened.'”

“The bride needed to go to the toilet just before the ceremony,” she continued. “She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding.”

Mitchell gave her co-host a few guesses as to what the bride saw when she entered the bathroom. After guessing that the groom was caught doing drugs or caught cheating, Mitchell revealed, “Worse. He was being breastfed by his mom.”

This bit of knowledge shocked Smith. She asked, “Why is his mom still producing milk?”

The only thing that made sense to Mitchell was that this has been an ongoing activity between mother and son. She responded, “She’s obviously been doing it continuously.”

It Sounds Like There’s Some Counseling Needed

Mitchell then asked if her co-host would call of the wedding, while pointing out that everyone was already there for the wedding.

“Would you call off the wedding?,” she asks. “Everyone is in the room waiting. You definitely wouldn’t kiss when they say, ‘You can kiss the groom.'”

This is an easy one and the path I hope the bride took. You could call off the wedding immediately and you let everyone know what you walked in on. That’s amateur hour.

This is the kind of thing you hold over both of their heads. This is what you call an unexpected wedding gift, if you will.

The podcast has a TikTok page where they posted the clip of the exchange and it went viral. They’ve since deleted the clip, but doubled down on it being a true story with a follow-up clip.

Written by Sean Joseph

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